Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pack Break: 2013 Panini Pinnacle

I've documented my reasons for my lack of activity here on my blog, but that hasn't stopped me from checking out the card section at Target when I stop in.  I should be organizing my Allen & Ginter cards to see what I still lack, but other things have kept me from doing so.  I haven't wanted to dive into a another set, but that pack ripping itch got the better of me the other day when I was out running errands.

A few weeks back I picked up a auto of Jonny Venters from this set for cheap.  It was decent looking enough, but I had really seen what the regular cards from the set looked like.  I saw a few images online, but nothing replaces holding said item in hand in order to make a final decision.  That said I grabbed one retail pack of the new Pinnacle cards the other day to satisfy my desire to rip something new.

When the inaugural Pinnacle set came out in 1992 I was hooked.  I was still new at collecting cards and Pinnacle was one of my first introductions to the next level of cards, "premium" if you will.  I loved the slick glossy black look of the cards.  I'm sure Panini is hoping that retro feel will be popular w/ today's collectors as well. If this were a fully licensed product, I'd be all over it.  Without the team name and logos though I just can't that excited.  Of course I knew this going in, but again I wanted to see what these were all about first hand.  Love the simple and slick design.  I like the up close images as well.  Panini has done a good job replicating a set from my childhood and if money wasn't an option I still might buy more.  However I'll just have to stick with this one pack.  At least it yielded me an Evan Gattis RC.


  1. '92 Pinnacle is one of the best sets ever. These ones aren't BAD, but not great either.

  2. Pretty good pack, not great but at least you got a PC RC. I think Panini has done OK with this year's Pinnacle considering the Topps Monopoly on the MLB license. Those problems and disappointments aside it is an OK set.