Saturday, January 14, 2017

Free Cards - Round 1

Now that I'm getting to sorting through these monster boxes that have been stacked in the corner of my office for some time, I'm coming across cards that I no longer wish to hold onto. I've tried selling low value cards in my eBay store and frankly it just isn't worth my time to list these. So I've decided to just give them away!

I'll cover the postage for 1-3 cards. For larger lots or sets if you wouldn't mind throwing a couple of dollars my way to help cover postage I'd appreciate it.

I really just want to put these into the hands of others that will enjoy them, otherwise they may end up keeping me warm this winter! To claim a card or a lot, just leave a comment letting me know what you want. Then simply send me an email with your name, address and what you wanted and I'll reply w/ my info. 

To keep this fair, I'm going to limit this to two (2) cards or lots per person per week. I have a good bit I plan on letting go so if you don't see anything that interests you this round, stay tuned as there will be more to come. I've even got some hand collated sets that will be up for grabs.


With the Divisional round of the NFL Playoffs getting underway later today, I figured I'd start with some football cards.

 12 Panini Rookie & Stars Dwayne Bowe Longevity (209/249)
12 Pacific Crown Royale Wes Welker Majestic Motion #10 (x2)
11 Topps Tim Tebow RC #GR-15

 08 Upper Deck Masterpieces Matt Ryan Captured on Canvas #CC51

Lot #3
 2011 Bowman Andy Dalton Chrome Rookie RC #BCR-28

 93 Playoff Drew Bledsoe RC #295

Lot #5
 11 Topps Platinum Patrick Peterson RC #PDC-PP

12 Bowman Sterling Stephen Hill Jumbo Rookie Relic #BSJRR-SH

Lot #7
Corey Dillon RC lot


  1. Lot #1, the Tebow lot, please!

  2. I would be interested in the Matt Ryan card, lot 2, I believe.

    1. CLAIMED! Tim, send me your mailing address if you would please.

    2. Do you have my address from previous trades? Do you want to include this card in my next trade package?

    3. Tim, I found your address and I'll drop the jersey card of this filthy dirty bird in with the others I already had for you. I'll try to get this out on Tuesday as I'll be out of town for work the rest of the week.

  3. Do you still have that Bledsoe card? I would love to add it to my WSU collection.

  4. Email me your address (flywheels at and it's yours!

  5. New to your site and I am really enjoying it! Anybody claim the Bowman Sterling Stephen Hill Jumbo Rookie Relic yet? I am a collector of all things Mets, jets & Nets!

  6. It's all your! Email me your mailing address (flywheels at and I'll send it when I return from vacation.

    1. I sent you an email a few days ago. Did you get it?

    2. Got my Stephen Hill card in the mail earlier this week! Thank you so much!

    3. Glad to hear it arrived safely, enjoy!

  7. Sweet Corey Dillions! love that late 90'S STUFF