Wednesday, February 15, 2017

New Ordonez

In my effort to get my card collection more organized, I'm also trying to focus on working on less new sets and more on things I already have, such as my effort to collect one of every Rey Ordonez card in existence. I'm working on scanning every card of his that I own for my Rey Ordonez Super Collector blog if you're interested in checking that out.

Finding new cards of his isn't always easy as I already have a good many of his cards. However lately I've discovered that he has a few cards that I originally didn't have on my master want list. This has led me to different avenues online searching for cards of his that I don't own. I've had some luck recently and here are a few of those.

I don't remember what the print run was on these 1996 Select Certified parallels, but the Mirror Blue and Mirror Gold versions have eluded my grasp. I recently came across this Mirror Blue and was able to talk the seller down to where I could apply my eBay Bucks so it wouldn't cost me any out of pocket money. The card looks so much better in person. Now to track down the Gold version.

I knew there was a Chrome version of this 2000 Stadium Club card, but how did I not know of the First Day Issue parallel? Grabbed this serially numbered (147/150) on the cheap. Love the photo and check out the info on the back. My boy Rey broke Cal Ripken's consecutive errorless games with 100 in 1999!

While browsing a trading card group on Facebook recently, one of the members sent me a message asking me about my collecting of Rey Ordonez. By dumb luck he had a card I didn't have and offered to give it to me. I couldn't let him do that so I sent him 2 bucks for shipping. It was the least I could do. These numbered Pacific parallels aren't the easiest to come least when I look. This is the 2000 Pacific Crown Collection Holographic Blue parallel.

I've got a few more new cards of his coming. It's taking me more time scanning my cards than I anticipated. This is caused less new updates to Rey's blog, but I'm still chugging away. At least this is 3 less cards I'll have to scan now!

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