Wednesday, May 17, 2017

2017 Panini Donruss Want List

I'm trying to play catch up this evening while I'm watching the Braves/Blue Jays game...oh no, Freddie Freeman was hit on the left hand and had to leave the game!

Like I was saying, I finally got my 2017 Donruss cards in order so I could tell what I was missing. I wasn't originally intending on building the set, but after buying a few retail rack packs I really liked what I was seeing. If it weren't for the short printed Diamond Kings and Rated Rookies, I'd just about be done with the base set. There are a few photo variations that would be nice to have, but if I don't get all of those I'll be OK. I did manage to pull a few of them already.

I'm hoping to find a trading partner to help me fill in the holes so if you can help, let me know please. You can find my updated Want List here. I'll work on getting my 2017 Donruss doubles added to my trade list as soon as I can.


  1. I'll try and check tomorrow or Fridat, but I definitely have the Moncada Rated Rookie and maybe some 83 Variations for you.

    1. I appreciate that. My trade lists are up to date minus the 2017 Donruss doubles/inserts I need to still list.

    2. Send me your address please! I don't have it anymore.

  2. I haven't been doing much set collecting recently. When a put DK together a couple years back I had great luck finding lots of the Rated Rookies on eBay.

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