Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Vintage Hank - 1968 Topps

Recently while browsing a Facebook trading card group I came across a seller that was trying to move some cards from the 60's. While my interest in vintage cards has picked up quite a bit in the last year or so, I still don't own many cards from that era. Most of this is just due to costs and having so many other interests, however I've dreamed of owning some vintage Hank Aaron cardboard.

Turns out his asking price for this 1968 Topps RBI Leaders card featuring Hank Aaron seemed to be reasonably priced (at least to me). It didn't take me long before I found myself sending the seller a private message to see if the card had been claimed yet. Thankfully it hadn't been so I completed the PayPal transaction a few minutes later. This began the waiting game and after about a weeks time, the card finally arrived in the mail earlier today.

The card is in better shape than I thought it would be. I don't really do the card grading thing so if it's not perfect, I'm fine with that. For me this represents the first piece of vintage Braves cardboard I own of a player that I at least know! (...and the other two guys that share the cardboard with Hank ain't too bad themselves)


  1. Talk about bang for your buck with those three on a vintage card - nice pick up!

  2. Great card. The AL counterpart features three hall of famers too (Yastrzemski, Killebrew, and F. Robinson).

  3. The more vintage cards I acquire, the more I want!

    1. That's how I've become. Minimal interest in modern anymore.

  4. League Leader cards were favorites of mine as a kid because it was the only way I could get my hands on Hall-of-Famer cards.