Monday, September 25, 2017

Awesome A&G Trade w/ Nachos Grande

Hello, my name is Colbey and I have a confession...I have a lot of hobbies.

Most of these hobbies don't always cross over into my other hobbies, but this is one time where toys I collected yielded baseball cards.

Many know of the great guy behind the Nachos Grande blog and his love of all things Allen & Ginter. Another passion of his is LEGO. He's been trying to complete the various blind packaged Minifigure Collections and recently I was able to help supply him with several figures from his want list. In turn he graciously went through my A&G want lists and sent me a nice selection of cards.

I didn't know what he was sending over. I really didn't care. I was just glad to get the Minifigures into the hands of someone who will appreciate them. I've been downsizing (yet again) my toy collection and most of the figures I sent off I had no intentions of keeping. In exchange I was able to put a huge dent into both my 2016 and 2017 A&G want lists.

Thank you so much for the trade! I wasn't able to afford a hobby box of Ginter this year so I really appreciate all of the 2017 cards. This puts me ever so closer to finishing off at least the base set for these two years.


  1. Glad you liked the cards. The minifigures arrived here - I'll have a post scheduled to go up on my LEGO blog on Oct 9.