Saturday, September 23, 2017

Free Cards - Round 4

Now that I'm getting to sorting through these monster boxes that have been stacked in the corner of my office for some time, I'm coming across cards that I no longer wish to hold onto. I've tried selling low value cards in my eBay store and frankly it just isn't worth my time to list these, so I've decided to just give them away!

I'll cover the postage for 1-3 cards. For sets I would ask if you would help cover the shipping, I'd appreciate that.

I really just want to put these into the hands of others that will enjoy them, otherwise they may end up keeping me warm this winter! To claim a card or a lot, just leave a comment letting me know what you want. Then simply send me an email (flywheels at with your name, address and what you wanted and I'll reply w/ my info. 

To keep this fair, I'm going to limit this to two (2) cards or lots per person per week. I have a good bit I plan on letting go so if you don't see anything that interests you this round, stay tuned as there will be more to come. I've even got some hand collated sets that will be up for grabs.


Today's free cards will just be one item...

Lot #1
hand collated 2011 Topps Heritage set

Unfortunately the cards aren't in number order and honestly I didn't want to spend the time to put them in order, so I really can't tell you how many cards there are, or what cards are missing from the set. However as you can see the cards nearly fill the entire long box.


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    1. Sorry Matt, some guy on Facebook claimed these about an hour before your post. Don't worry, I'll be putting together more singles and lots to give away shortly.