Monday, May 21, 2018

The Next (Epix) Collecting Adventure

There was something about the 90's that I just love when it comes to baseball cards. I didn't come into collecting until 1990 and all I knew at that time was Donruss, Fleer and Topps. I would collect for many years before my interest starting to wane a little. However in the late 90's the card companies really started to step up their game with different "technologies" used, such as a chromium finish, refractors and dufex finishes.

Trying to keep up with all the sets was nearly impossible for me so I had to settle for what I could find locally or at shows. Insert sets were a dime a dozen during this time period, keep in mind the game used relic cards didn't hit until around 1997 thanks in part to Upper Deck. In today's crowded market of baseball cards a lot of these great 90's inserts sets have fallen to the wayside, but there are some really interesting themes and designs.

It's not like I need to collect anything else, however one set in particular that caught my was the multi-tiered Crusade set in Donruss products. I quickly moved on however once I saw what the cards were trading for on the secondary market! I then moved onto another insert set that was inserted across several different Pinnacle sets...1998 Epix.

Epix is a 72 card set that were randomly seeded in packs of 1998 Pinnacle (1:21), 1998 Score (1:61) and 1998 Zenith (1:11). Each card came in 3 different colors, orange, purple and emerald. Approximately 70% of the cards are orange, 20% are purple and only 10% are emerald. Each player had 4 versions, "Play", "Game", "Season" and "Moment". Play were the most common with Moment being the hardest to pull.

1998 Score Rookie/Traded and 1998 Pinnacle Plus had their own Epix All-Star set, but I'm not chasing those at this time.

I like a good challenge and I figured trying to put this 72 card set together ought to be challenging, but doable. Of course I'm going to be asking for the blogging community and Twitter-verse for help in trying to assemble this set. I'm not sure if I'll start and focus just on the orange cards, or if I should just pick up whatever I can find. So far I have 3 cards, the two Andruw Jones cards above and one Greg Maddux "Play" orange.

I'm willing to trade and buy any cards from this set that I can find. If you can help, please consider sending me a message or contacting me on Twitter (@flywheels).

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