Monday, June 4, 2018

June 2018 Affordable Group Break

Time for another Affordable Group Break. Even though I'm away on vacation, I thought I'd go ahead and post the boxes and the sign-ups now so that by the time I return we should be able to get underway as quickly as possible. Most importantly, this will be affordable at only $9 for a two team slot!

We'll start off with 2002 Upper Deck Diamond Connections (Hobby). Each box has 2 mini boxes, with 7 packs each (14 packs total). I don't believe I ever opened much of this when it was current and I felt it went well with the next product. For more info on this release, check out the Trading Card Database.

40 Man Baseball is Upper Deck's answer to Topps Total. It features a massive 900 card set so there should be plenty of cards available for each team. 10 cards per pack, 24 cards per box. No fancy inserts or "hits", but two different parallel sets that may contribute. Autos are seeded 1:500 so I doubt we'll get any ink, but you never know. For more about this set, please check out the Trading Card Database.

We'll have 14 total spots available (after I claim the Braves) and we'll use the following format:
Choose 1 team and the 2nd team will be randomly assigned once the break is full. Cost for each slot will only be $9 shipped. All cards pulled will be shipped. Packs will be opened Live in the Facebook group, including randomization of second team(s).

As with all of my breaks, there *will* be bonus packs/boxes and if any participants teams don't yield as many cards as the next guy, we'll make sure to toss in some freebies.

If you're interested, all you need to do to claim your slot:

* Join the Facebook group (not required, but highly recommended)
* Comment on this post (or on Facebook or Twitter) with the team you want (first come, first serve)
* Payments will be by PayPal, (Goods & Services only)

I return from vacation on 06/13/18. I'll place the order at some point while I'm gone (assuming the sign ups have gone well) so that it's waiting for me when I return. Hopefully we can get to ripping Saturday evening, 06/16/18. If there are any questions please let me know. Please help spread the word to others that you know may be interested.

As with all breaks I host, I claim the Atlanta Braves. All other teams are up for grabs!

01 - Cardboard Collections - Braves (PAID)
02 - Cards on Cards - Cardinals (PAID)
03 - Community Gum - White Sox (PAID)
04 - Nachos Grande - Reds (PAID)
05 - Roy Galloway - Red Sox (PAID)
06 - gcrl - Dodgers (PAID)
07 - Royals & Randoms - Royals (PAID)
08 - the Lost Collector - Yankees (PAID)
09 - Marc Brubaker - Astros (PAID)
10 - Nick Dusenbury - Orioles (PAID)
11 - Highly Suggestive & Completely Arbitrary - Twins (PAID)
12 - Cardboard Collections - A's
13 - Cardboard Collections - Brewers
14 - Cardboard Collections - Angels
15 - Cardboard Collections - Blue Jays


  1. Put me down for the Cardinals, please.

  2. Been too long since I've joined a break of yours. I'd like to go Frank Thomas hunting with the White Sox, please!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Matt, however the Red Sox were claimed earlier on Facebook. Is there another team you’d like to claim? Or I can refund you. Please let me know.

    2. Always seems like I'm getting Red Sox sniped! ;) Just refund me and I'll have to be quicker next time!

    3. Sorry about that Matt, but thanks for understanding.

  4. I would like to take the Twins, please! Sending payment shortly.

    1. $ sent thanks for the break, shout out to gcrl for pointing me here.