Thursday, June 21, 2018

June 2018 Group Break Results

Whew!! I tell you, going back to work after being off for vacation is tough as it is, but coming back after being off for two weeks has been tough! I really meant to get this post up by Monday, but well I've had my hands full with work. Why is it everything bad at work has to happen the minute you leave for vacation?!

Oh well, this month's group break is in the books and it was one that I enjoyed hosting. Most of the participants ended up with a decent amount of cards, thanks in part to the 2003 Upper Deck 40-Man box. Its always good seeing players get cards that are often overlooked and 40-Man did a good job at creating some cardboard for some of these type guys.

The box of 2002 Upper Deck Diamond Connection didn't really specify what the odds were on the various game-used cards, but it turned out that each mini box contained one hit if you will.

The 40-Man box I had was retail (I think) and the only odds listed were for the Endorsement auto cards at 1:500 packs. Needless to say I wasn't expecting to pull an auto...

As the host I usually take the Braves and this time it paid off with a game-used bat card of Chipper Jones from the Diamond Connection box. The other hit was of Curt Schilling and went to the Diamondbacks.

Finally the last hit pulled was a hand numbered auto of Jayson Werth, 17/50 from the 40-Man box. wow, beautiful card. While doing the live video I didn't have my list of teams in front of me so I didn't know who this card would be going to. It was only later in the evening that I realized the Blue Jays were one of the teams I inherited after I had to "eat" a few slots that didn't sell. I'm still not sure what to do w/ the card. Save it for a contest? Trade it for Braves? Hmm, decisions, decisions.

Regardless it was a fun break and even though all the slots didn't sell, I hope the others that participated had fun as well. I threw in 21 bonus packs this round, ranging from 1986 Leaf to 1993 UD Denny's Grand Slam hologram packs. You never know what I'll add as a bonus so if you've ever been on the fence about joining one of my Affordable Breaks, you may want to jump on board next time.


  1. Thanks for letting me buy the Angels at the last minute. Fun break as always.

  2. Crap - how did I miss this break?

  3. According the Baseballcardepdia
    Each mini box was suppose to actually have two hits per box (relics). But during pack out only one hit was put in each mini box so UD issued redemption packs to make up for it back in the day. Although watching the break I think you're right as I don't remember seeing two hits per box mentioned. Still a cool set.

    If you per chance find any late 90's early 2000s Pacific products I'd be very interested. Still terrible for my team, but very cool sets that I didn't open any of back in the day.

  4. I am loving this mid-90s to early-00s stuff, even though they weren't great years for the Cardinals (unless you were McGwire, I guess.)