Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Pack Break: 1981 Fleer Stickers

I usually grab a few older loose packs when I order boxes for my Affordable Group Breaks from The Baseball Card Exchange. I did get into collecting baseball cards until 1990 so there are a lot of releases I missed out on, includes these 1981 Fleer Baseball Stickers. 5 stickers and 1 brick stick of gum. I believe this pack set me back about $1.50.

This Seattle Mariners sticker is actually two stickers on one card. I love the classic trident logo they used to fact I think I prefer it over the modern Mariners logo.

I didn't expect the cartoon cardbacks, though I like the baseball history that is depicted.

This Texas Rangers sticker has a different layout than the two previous cards. The black "wall" is also a sticker. I don't recall seeing this old logo for the Rangers before. For some reason though I think of Arby's when I see this logo.

Another reminder of the American League winning the All-Star game. If I didn't know the two leagues were tied going into this year's game I would've thought the AL had the lead based on these cardbacks.

I miss the old Fleer stickers and these are cheap, fun packs to bust. I've actually bought and opened several of these since I first discovered them. What your take on these?


  1. I remember these well. Used to walk to the Greek market and find the packs. I'm a bit surprised they're from 1981, I thought they were from '82 or '83. Also, the all-star game cartoons were the selling point for me, I didn't care much about the stickers. I still have some of the cartoon cards.

  2. I was gifted with a box of these many years ago by a dealer I had bought from many times. I covered the side of a filing cabinet in my school office with the stickers and made several sets of the ASG cards. I think I gave them to some of my kids because they are long gone. I wish I had saved one set because they are a fun item.

  3. Now these are the team logos I grew up loving! Had no idea they sold these stickers in packs. Always thought they were just those one per pack bonuses.

  4. I definitely don't remember these cards but I really like seeing those old logos. Great stuff.