Thursday, August 9, 2018

Pack Break: 2018 Topps Stadium Club

This post has been sitting in my que for longer that it should have been, however better late than never, right? Ever since Topps brought back the Stadium Club brand, each year's effort has been top notch. I usually end up trying to build the set, but I tend to stick to retail so with each year I end up with a lengthy want list!! This rack pack represented my first Stadium Club pack of the 2018 season so let's see what I ended up with.

Alright, we're off to a great start a Strawberry card as the first card! I haven't always been a Strawberry fan, however with his turn to embrace his faith being such public knowledge in the last few years, I've drafted him into my "Faith Brothers" collection. I'm glad he's starting to show up more and more in modern card sets because I rarely come across his older stuff.

Part of the attraction of TSC each year is the photography. Year Archie Bradley is caught showing some strong passion for what I can only assume was a good play on the field.

The Beam Team insert has been associated with Stadium Club for many many years, but I always associate the insert set with basketball more than baseball. This year (and last year's) Beam Team design just doesn't do anything for me.

Veteran player, check. Good action shot, check. Only thing that could have made this card better was if it was in black & white.

The rest of the bunch...that I couldn't come up with anything specific to mention. I'm loving this year's design and most of the photos have been great. I still haven't bought a lot of Stadium Club because it seemed to drop when I didn't have money and when I did, Allen & Ginter came out! I guess that's the problem with so many sets is that they aren't spaced out and it makes it tough on set builders such as myself.

I realized at the time of this post I've still yet to really collate the cards I have acquired so I can create a want list and update my trade list with doubles I have. Guess I should get to that, huh?


  1. That Bob Gibson card looks really sharp on a horizontal layout. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I believe that photo is after a triple Archie Bradley hit.

    1. That would make sense b/c he looks pretty pumped up in that photo!

  3. First time seeing that Gibson. Good looking card.

  4. Great looking cards Bradley's being my favorite.