Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas Cards

2018 has been another year for me. My blogging activity has taken a hit, although I have tried to be active on Twitter (@flywheels) with other card bloggers. The number of trades or care packages I've sent out compared to past years has also been down. However that didn't stop Dennis of Too Many Manninghams and Too Many Verlanders from sending me the best kind of Christmas card(s)!

Even though I haven't been as active, I instantly recognized Dennis' name from the return address on the bubble mailer. Funny how I made the connection so quickly. I honestly didn't know what to expect inside so I quickly opened the package that just happened to arrive on Christmas Adam!

There were two card bricks in the package carefully sealed w/ painters tape. A large portion of the first brick I opened was a stack of Mariano Rivera cards. I was happy to see these because when he was active, I just couldn't collect a Yankee player!! Even though I respected his baseball ability and what he accomplished on the field, I couldn't find it inside myself to collect his cards. I know that may sound silly, but it's true. I'm sure I had many cards of his at one time too that passed through my hands. Later on after he retired from the game I started to learn more about the man that wore the jersey. Learning of his faith and the things he did for others made him more appealing and eventually he found himself as apart of my Faith Brothers collection. Problem was, I didn't have many cards of his. Well Dennis took care of that and gave me a nice start.

The other part of the first brick was full of Braves cards, particularly of Tom Glavine. Always love getting Glavine cards I don't own, or in this case of this Skybox EX Century card of Glavine, a duplicate. This card will go in my Batting Pitchers sub-collection. By the way, just in case you weren't aware these were printed on clear acetate, so the wood grain you see isn't some undiscovered parallel, but my kitchen table instead!

Also buried in those Braves cards was this jersey relic of former Braves catcher, Johnny Estrada from Topps Pristine. I don't have many cards of Estrada in a Braves uniform period, much less a relic!

The second brick of cards started off w/ a Score RC of former NC State QB, Jacoby Brissett. I thought that would be the beginning of an NC State trend, but then it went to cards of my Carolina Panthers. It's been a tough year for the Panthers, especially after yesterday's 7 consecutive loss of the season. However a smile was on my face as I continued to thumb through the cards and this Jonathan Stewart Printing Plate was looking back at me. Seriously Dennis?! You shouldn't have! A printing plate?! This is really cool for a couple of reasons. 1) Because he's a former Panthers player and 2) He also is a member of my football Faith Brothers collection and a guy I still actively seek out to collect.

I read over the weekend that someone said card blogging was dead. Even though the amount of active blogs may have dwindled a bit over recent years, this is a great example of the awesome people still going at it in the blog-o-sphere of card collecting. I can't think you Dennis enough for your generosity and for these awesome cards. This helped set the tone for what I think will be an awesome Christmas this year.


  1. Love that woodgrain parallel of Glavine! :) Great cards and a fun surprise for you. Great cards for the Christmas season.

  2. Skybox EX Century is an awesome product! That printing plate is sweet too!

  3. EX + wood grain = BRILLIANT! I got a great deal on the plate on COMC while I was at it. Have an excellent Christmas, Mr. Flywheels!

  4. WHO SAID CARD BLOGGING IS DEAD??????? I will find him/her and show him 300-400 plus active blogs that I have trouble keeping up with.