Wednesday, January 2, 2019

SunTrust Park Visit, 06/01/18

Well, as you can see from the date I'm about 6 months late getting around to posting this...but better late than never, right? Living in the upstate of SC I don't get to take in as many Atlanta Braves games in person as I'd like, but last June for my wife's birthday we made the trip down to the ATL for the weekend to catch a Braves vs. Nationals game.

My wife isn't the biggest sports fan. I can hardly get her to watch anything with me on TV, however she's more interested in watching the games in person. The drive is about 5-6 hours, which isn't too bad, but it's a boring drive down I-85. None the less we sat our early that morning to make our way to SunTrust Park.

We should've stopped and grabbed dinner before hand, but I was anxious to get back to the ballpark so we decided we'd just eat at the game. There are plenty of good food options to choose from. We chose Fox Brother's BBQ at the Terrapin Taproom. The line to get a table was pretty long, even though we were there early. Beforehand I didn't know they offered a "buffet" on the 2nd floor, but when we learned there was little to no wait to went on up. The buffet wasn't a traditional buffet, only allowing one trip through the line. The servers were pretty generous in the servings. I went w/ mac & choose and BBQ baked beans and everything was delicious.


After we finished our dinner we walked around a little bit before we headed to find our seats. First row in left center field, right over the Braves bullpen! We got a great deal on the tickets and personally, I loved the view. Since my last visit to SunTrust Park there was a new plaque hanging in the Braves Hall of Fame of my guy "Huddy" so of course I had to snap a pic.

When we first took our seats there wasn't much going on in the bullpen as you can see, but it wasn't long before Mike Foltynewicz took to warming up for that nights game. Folty would go on to pitch a complete game shut out against the Nats that night. It was so awesome watching him work his magic that evening, especially striking out Bryce Harper a few times. All those boos turned to cheers with each was great!

The fireworks continued to go off as we exited the stadium. I tried to get a picture or two of the fireworks, but alas the large crowd funneling out of SunTrust didn't allow me much time to grab a picture.

It was a quick was visit to Atlanta as we headed back home in the morning, but I savor every opportunity that I get to catch a MLB game. I'm so jealous of the people that get to go to more games more often, however I'm thankful that I get to (usually) take a game or two in each season.

But what would a post be on a baseball card blog if I didn't tie it back into cards in someway? Well shortly after the game I started to check Topps Now as I just knew that Folty's mound performance should warrant a Topps Now card and for once Topps didn't let me down! I placed the order and proceeded to tell my wife that she had Birthday card from Topps. It was one of the few times where she legitimately seemed interested in baseball cards.


  1. Looks like fun, and the food looks good, but a 5-6 hour car ride...

    1. ...and that car ride is precisely why I don't go to more games more often!

  2. Love me ballpark food. Food looks delicious. I have a good buddy who lives in Atlanta. My goal is to one day visit him during the summer, so I can go to a Braves game too.