Wednesday, January 30, 2019

1995 Flashback Affordable Group Break

02/05/19 UPDATE - We are full!! Thank you so much to everyone who signed up and help spread the word. Boxes have been ordered and I'm hoping they'll ship today. We should be able to open these live this Saturday night for those of you who want to join in. I've done them on Twitter in the past, but I'm also open to YouTube. Let me know what you prefer!

1995 was full of memories for me. I graduated High School, started a new job at the local theme park...but most importantly it was the year my Atlanta Braves finally won the World Series! While I'm hoping they can return to their former glory with this upcoming season, let's celebrate 1995 with a break featuring 1995 Pinnacle product!

First up is Sportflix. I love lenticular cards and this was one of the first sets that really caught my attention. This hobby box has 36 packs and features some great 90's inserts like Hammer Team among others.

Next up is Summit. These premium cards are printed on a white background and still look pretty slick today. This hobby box has 24 packs and featured insert sets around some of the young talent at the time.

Finally we have Zenith, one of Pinnacle's first super premium cards (of the time). Slick black backgrounds w/ gold make for some nice looking cards. Who says everything from the 90's was junk? This hobby box has 24 packs and features a few inserts with Pinnacle's patented Dufex technology.

With any Affordable Group Break there will be surprises as well...

Interested? All you need to do to claim a slot is to leave a comment on this post with your desired team(s). All cards pulled for your team will be shipped. The rest of the directions are as follows:

INFO (Please Read Carefully)

* 2 team slots - choose your 1st team, 2nd team will be 
randomized from all unclaimed teams

* Each slot will be $12 (shipping included)

* As the host, I claim the Braves

* Payments (goods & services please) can be sent to:

* Boxes will be ordered once half (7) of the slots have been claimed. 
I hope to break the evening of February 9th?

* I can do a live break either on Twitter or on my YouTube channel
...whichever platform that gets the most votes

01 - Braves - Cardboard Collections (PAID)
02 - Royals - Royals & Randoms (PAID)
03 - Giants - Nick Vossbrink (PAID)
04 - Red Sox - Bulldog (PAID)
05 - Cardinals - Cards on Cards (PAID)
06 - Astros - The Dimwit (PAID)
07 - Cubs - Matt Pederson
08 - Pirates - Wade Fisher (PAID)
09 - Rockies - Adam Kaningher (PAID)
10 - Orioles - Nick Dusenberry (PAID)
11 - Indians - Ken Kinsley (PAID)
12 - Yankees - Lost Collector (PAID)
13 - Mariners - Tim B (PAID)
14 - Athletics - Bulldog (PAID)


  1. I'll bite. Royals, please! I still need many of the Zenith and Sportflix.

  2. I'll take the Giants. I'll paypal sometime tomorrow.

    Also, Nachos Grande did a 1995 Summit break a few months ago and while it wasn't enough to dissuade me from joining this (Sportflix!) it could cause some people to think twice since I don't know how many of us are in this retro-break market to begin with

    1. Nick brings up a good point. I'm willing to swap out the box of Summit for one of two other boxes. Please re-read the post and let me know what your option is. We'll go with the box that gets the most votes.

    2. I'd lean toward Pinnacle but I'm fine with whatever. I mainly brought it it up in case it proved to be something that discouraged other people from joining.

  3. I'll take the Red Sox. Also eyeballing the A's but I'll give others a fair crack at them.

  4. Put me down for the Cardinals.

  5. I'm good with leaving it as is.

  6. I would definitely vote for Select over Summit. That would be my preference, but I would also like Pinnacle S2 over Summit, too. :-) But I'm in regardless.

  7. Astros please. And I don’t have a preference on the swap out.

  8. Replies
    1. You received the Angels for your second team. Are you interested in swapping them out for either of my two second teams - the Rangers or Brewers? Thanks. Roy

  9. Everyone that has claimed a slot and or paid has been updated. Boxes will be ordered Monday morning.

  10. Did you decide to keep Summit or swap out?

  11. Boxes have been ordered! Two slots left to spread the word!

  12. Replies
    1. You got it! Thanks for helping me get this full!