Sunday, January 27, 2019

Pack Break: 2019 WWE Road to WrestleMania

Just in time for tonight's WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view event! If you're a wrestling fan then you know each January WWE's marketing department kicks off their Road to WrestleMania campaign. Of course with tonight's Royal Rumble match, the winning male and female of their respective rumble match will earn a title shot at WrestleMania. Topps uses this marketing campaign as a way to chronicle the previous year in the WWE on cardboard.

This isn't a product I usually buy a lot of packs of as I really only care about the base set and opt to buy a hand collated set. The base set is comprised of 100 cards with another 20 update cards. I'm not sure if the update cards are only found in hobby or retail, but essentially you have 120 cards to chase if you're building the set.

I love opening packs and featuring the contents on my blog, so I grabbed a fat back from Walmart last week while I was out of town traveling for work. Apparently in the Walmart packs you get one exclusive Women's Revolution card and a chance for autos too. Tons of parallels and inserts to be found. Check out Cardboard Connection's page for the complete run down. Like with previous years, events from both weekly televisions shows (RAW and SmackDown Live) as well as pay-per-view events are chronicled.

Hey look, it's John Cena before he let his hair grow out and looks like JBL's love child!

While I love the New Day and their antics, is anyone else starting to get a little tired of the push they've had in the tag team division?

I can't even tell you what night 205 Live comes on anymore, but I do love watching the Cruiserweights work the ring and fly through the air.

AJ Styles was standing high as the WWE Champion at last year's WrestleMania event. The title looked good around his waist and it's odd seeing it on Daniel Bryant now. Wonder if that'll change this April?

I ended up w/ this card of Charlotte Flair (whooo!) as the one per pack Walmart exclusive. I remember watching this particular Beat the Clock Challenge match on RAW. That was back when RAW was more entertaining. Lately it's been a snooze fest.

The WrestleMania insert set returns with 50 cards in the set. While they just feature posed shots, this is a set I usually try to complete each year to go hand in hand w/ the base set.

I get why some WWE card collectors skip this set, but I like the way the set chronicles events from television and PPVs. The rosters and landscape are always changing so it's cool to look back and see what happened.

Well that's it for me. Time to wrap up this post so I can finish getting ready for tonight's Royal Rumble. Looking forward to this PPV as it always offers a few surprises and the card looks pretty good tonight. Here's hope my hometown R-Truth can pull out a win in the Rumble!


  1. I think it is a good set. Nice design and how it looks back at key events. Good post.

    1. I liked it so much I wound up w/ a hobby box! Keep a look out for the box break down.