Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Pack Break: 1981 Fleer Baseball Star Stickers

Last summer when I was hosting several of my Affordable Group Breaks, I grabbed a few loose packs from the Baseball Card Exchange for myself just for the fun of it. One of these packs were 1981 Fleer Baseball Star Stickers. I'm not sure why it's taken this long for me to share this, but here we go!

To be honest I had no idea these existed as I didn't dip my toes in the collectible cardboard pool until late 1990. However the pack was cheap so I thought I'd give it a try.

As the pack declared, these cards were also stickers. With the "peel" in each corner, I imagine the sticker would have an odd look w/ the concave like corners once peeled? Design is on par with the 80's. Backs at least are crammed full of stats for those number geeks.

I believe I ended up grabbed several of these packs and if they are still available I may grab a few more to feature in a future break...that is assuming there are people still reading the blog that would like to participate in a break.


  1. Very cool wrapper. Love how they used the Star Wars text. I have a bunch of these packs that I purchased in hopes of building a set. Collation was rough... and I kept about half of them intact.

  2. I don't think I have any of these in my collection. I like the design of the frame. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I loved (heck still love) Star Stickers in all their iterations. IIRC it's not the best for a proper break since the checklist is pretty unbalanced (eg there are only 2 Giants) but it's definitely a fun rip.

  4. I came across these very early in my blogging career and I was immediately ticked off that these weren't available in my neighborhood when I was buying up all that '81 Fleer (and Donruss and Topps).

  5. I remember opening packs of these when they were new and building the set. Still have most of the wrappers. One of the first sets of things that weren't a flagship product that I ever saw.