Monday, February 18, 2019

Breathing new life into an old PC

I guess I can blame it on Twitter. All the cool kids are posting their latest hauls, trading and selling cards via the little blue bird and it's made me want to contribute as much as possible. I even recently changed my Twitter handle to the name of this blog. All this change however has also led to me breathing life into an old PC, Brad Fullmer.

Why I actually began collecting Brad Fullmer is lost on me. I recall watching him play against my Braves when he came up with the Montreal Expos, but why I actually picked him and decided to chase his cards...well your guess is as good as mine! None the less, I recently came across several cheap listings for various 1998 Topps Tek patterns and I pulled the trigger. 20 cards to be exact, which puts me at 21 now.

So I guess the chase is officially on again...not only for the rest of these Topps Tek cards but also his collection in general. Up next for me is hitting up the Trading Card Database and update my have and want lists for Brad Fullmer.

I also found a few other cards from the same seller that I didn't have, one of which was a hard to find 1996 7 Eleven oddball when he played for the Honolulu Sharks.

Last, but not least I found a low serially numbered parallel from 2002 Fleer Maximum. I think the parallel set is called To the Max and are numbered to 300. Funny how this card is virtually worthless to anyone not a Blue Jays or Brad Fullmer collector, yet how hard it can be to find and when you do it's not always cheap.

Still have a loooong way to go w/ this collection, but for now I may just keep an eye open for the other Tek cards and put my focus back on my first PC, Rey Ordonez instead.


  1. Best of luck on that Tek project! Hope one day you'll remember what inspired you to collect Fullmer.

  2. I would imagine that there aren't a lot of Fullmer collector's out there, so at least you won't have much competition for any of the rarer stuff.