Friday, March 1, 2019

Box Break: 17-18 Panini Status

I can't recall the last time I bought a box, blaster or otherwise, of basketball cards. It's not I'm not a fan of the NBA, I just haven't messed with cards too much since the early 90's. However I've been watching my Charlotte Hornets more this season than in past seasons and with the NBA All-Star game being held last month in Charlotte, I've been more interested in the NBA and thus cards than I have been in a very long time.

Last weekend I ran across a discounted blaster of 17-18 Status. When these cards first came out I was intrigued, but that was about as far as it went. Like with any other major sport, there are so many different card sets each season how do you know which one to buy? Well for no particular reason I grabbed the lone marked down blaster and just chalked it up as "just for kicks".

Well right out the gate I was feeling good as the first card out of the first pack was the Hornets' own Kemba Walker! I was also impressed with how nice these cards look. The colors, while a softer pastel like pallet, pop pretty good on the white background. The colors also have a shiny rainbow like sheen, something I wasn't expecting.

I was pleased overall with the names of the base cards pulled. Lin, Green, Rose, Towns, Wade...all players I was familiar several other guys I've never heard of!

It seems as if the Rookies fell one per pack. Not sure if they are considered short packed or not.

Even pulled a few orange parallels, 3 actually...but the other was Dwight Howard (as a Hornet) and his card was promptly cataloged and filed away before I took the pics.

Pulled 3 different inserts with the old school Boston Celtics card being the best of the bunch. As you can see the foil on these cards played havoc with the lighting in the kitchen trying to photograph them.

It was until I got home w/ the blaster that I realized there was a guaranteed auto or relic inside the box. That just made the $15 a little more sweeter in my mind...then in the first pack was a jersey card of the Magic's Aaron Gordon. I'm sure he's an up and coming player and all, I was just hoping my "hit" would be something else.

None the less I enjoyed opening this blaster and since have picked up a few discounted fat packs as well. Maybe it's the fact that these cards immediately reminded me of some early Skybox cards from my youth that I loved oh so much (and still do!)?


  1. I assume the discounted box was at Walmart? The one my me had several discounted blaster boxes. I did get one as well as a subsequent fat pack. They're not bad, as they did remind me of early Skybox as well.

    1. Yeah, Walmart. Lately they've had waaay more cards to chose from than my local Target too. Odd.

  2. Not a bad pull. Joel Embiid helped your pull but I'm sure you'd hoped for at least of one the bigger names. I'm glad you pulled the Kemba card. I really like Aaron Gordon but after getting big money in the off season he has regressed a little. He's still only 23 and has plenty of time to pick it up. He was also amazing in the dunk contest 2 or 3 years back. Good stuff.

  3. Nice call. These cards do seem reminiscent of early 90's Skybox.

    1. It's been fun opening and sorting something "different"...however I'm ready for some baseball!