Monday, March 4, 2019

Looking back at old posts

Every once in awhile I like to scroll through my own blog's backlog and look at how far I've come as a blogger. While doing so this evening I was shocked to see that this old post I did back on April 2, 2010 of a Chase the '52 blaster box break had nearly 7K views. Back in 2010 I was just starting the blog and I know that I didn't have many readers. Looking at some of those older posts I can see posts were crap!

Back to the subject of the Chase the '52 blaster, has anyone seen any of these for sale these days? I'm not sure who produced these boxes...was it the same company that repacks and sells older packs currently found at Walgreens and Target?


  1. a) You gotta love the bots!
    b) I'm scared to go back and look at any of my older posts, heck, I'm even scared at the thought of reading any of my newer posts!
    c) That old post of yours wasn't crap.
    d) Never heard of those boxes, but I don't think Fairfield would have put them out, maybe Tri-Star?

  2. Wow. 7k views on one post? That's legendary status.

    1. As Jon said, I'm sure bots added to that view count getting so high.

  3. I've never seen these before. 7000 is epic!