Monday, April 22, 2019

2017-18 Panini Vanguard Kemba Walker High Voltage auto

Back in January I acquired a redemption off eBay for a steal of Kemba Walker. This was around the time where Kemba was freakin' unstoppable and was making his claim to be an All-Star in his home city of Charlotte in February. 

For such an electric player, his RCs and autos can be had for reasonable amounts online. I imagine if he were to sign elsewhere and get more exposure his cards would go for more. However I'm hoping that doesn't happen. He's a free agent now and all of Charlotte is wondering if he'll stay or if he'll go. he has said he loves Charlotte and wants to stay, but he also wants to complete for a NBA Championship. As much as I love my Hornets, I just don't see them being a real contender...ever? Professional sports leagues just aren't designed in a way where small market teams can really compete.

If Kemba does leave, it'll be a dagger in the heart of Charlotte. Perhaps knowing what may (or may not) happen I've been wanting to pick up a few autos of his. When I won the redemption card, I had no idea what the High Voltage cards even looked like. If the Vanguard name sounds familiar, it should as it was a piece of the now defunct Pacific Trading Card company that Panini acquired.

I don't know how much you can tell, but this is a shiny card. The whole front of the card is printed on foil board with a rainbow sheen. There is a small lightning bolt running down the middle of the card. At first I thought it was a crease in the card. There is a large area for the player's on card auto, however Kemba's auto is pretty small so it doesn't fill up the entire space.

The same photo is duplicated on the back of the card. As you can see, there are only 49 of this auto in existence and I have number 18. I redeemed the code on 01/14/19 and received the card on 04/18/19. Panini's turnaround time for redemptions has proven to be pretty quick in my experience.

Thankfully we have the NFL draft coming up to distract us Charlotte sports fans from the Kemba Walker saga. I feel it's going to be a long summer as we await to hear what his decision is.


  1. Cool card. I almost like the back better than the front. Hopefully Walker stays in Charlotte. There are a ton of good free agents this year but Kemba is so good he'll be in demand.

  2. Cool card! I don't really have any stock in whether he stays or goes, but it would be nice if he stayed, and if he does go, I hope that he goes anywhere but L.A.

  3. Thats a great looking card with a very fast turnaround time by Panini