Friday, August 23, 2019

Nacho Flavored Set Building

Wow, has it been almost a full month since my last post here?! Well, I can explain. I've been busy over on Twitter talking about cards and sharing new acquisitions and working out a trade with @Pgn3540, better known as Nacho Nordberg.

I really don't even remember how our trade got started, but we went back and forth for a few weeks before we finalized a deal and sent each our some cards. Once my package arrive I realized why it Nacho some time to put his offer together as there were four team bags full of cards...99% of them for sets I'm working on building.

Let's start with the cards I was most excited about...Stadium Club. Nacho sent over cards from my want list for 2017, 2018 and a huge stack for 2019. My love for TSC has really increased over the years and completing these three sets has been a goal I set for myself. I haven't bought a box of either of these years and have just relied on buying retail so I appreciate all the help I can get!

If the TSC cards weren't enough, he also sent over a few cards to help me with some flagship Topps sets such as 2016, some 2018 Big League and a single from 2018 Allen & Ginter and 2017 Gypsy Queen.

Surprisingly there were some 1993 Upper Deck in one of the stacks and even one 2009 Goodwin Champions card. These two sets haven't received much attention from me lately so it's nice to add some cards to the set binders, especially '93 that set!

I didn't make it to my LCS on National Baseball Card Day unfortunately and I doubt Nacho knew that...but he included three cards from this year's program. Thanks!!

Finally, we have two shiny Bowman Chrome Braves cards of Cristian Pache and a RC of Mike Soroka. Both of these cards are so beautiful in hand, especially the Pache with the Refractor sheen. I've had so much fun watching the Braves this year and Soroka has been a big part of that. Who would have figured this tall, lanky Canadian would come into the starting rotation and be so dominant this year? 

Thanks again Nacho for all of the help with these various sets. My next move is to update my want lists both here on the blog and over at The Trading Card Database.

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