Sunday, October 4, 2020

Affordable Group Break - 2005 Topps Pack Wars (Hobby)

This break will feature 2005 Topps Pack Wars (Hobby). 7 packs / 7 cards per pack. According to Baseballcardpedia, each pack should contain an auto or relic. The site also mentions that Topps randomly included $100 bills into packs! Be sure to check out all the checklists for possible pulls from this product. Prices listed beside each team. All cards ship. Stacking applies so the price does not include shipping. If you have questions on how this works please let me know. We'll break this box Live on my YouTube channel on Friday, 10/09/20 at 10 PM eastern. 

For this break it'll be a two team slot, pick one team & the second will be randomly assigned. 15 total slots, $8 per slot. To claim your team(s) please comment with your request and submit your payment at that time. If you haven't participated in one of my breaks, please email me ( your name & mailing address. Please send your payment as Friends & Family

01) Yankees - Hal Sauceman PAID - Twins
02) Rockies - John Donovan PAID - Pirates
03) Astros - Denny Wagner PAID - Rangers
04) Tigers - Ben Morris PAID - Orioles
05) Indians - John Donovan PAID - Athletics
06) Cardinals - Kerry Biggs PAID - Dodgers
07) Reds - Chris Reed PAID - Mariners
08) Cubs - Jennifer Peebles PAID - Brewers
09) Phillies - Dan Horton PAID - Blue Jays
10) Red Sox - Boston Red Sox Collector PAID - Diamondbacks
11) Royals - Jason McQuitty PAID - Padres
12) Marlins - Joey Nigro PAID - Angels
13) Mets - Ben Martin PAID - Nationals
14) Giants - Denny Wagner PAID - Rays
15) Braves - Colbey PAID - White Sox

Thanks for the reminder from John Donovan, the unclaimed teams have been assigned to all participants via and randomizing the list by a dice roll of 6. I'm so sorry for the last minute assignments.


  1. I'll take the Red Sox if still availible.

  2. I have no idea. Can I take Mets I guess?

    1. Beat by 3 minutes according to the timestamps...sorry AJ

  3. Just for the record, if you pull a Ben Franklin, he was from Philadelphia, so that would, by default, go to me since I am in for the Phillies. LOL!!!!!

    1. That's a good one...but no. Nice try though.