Monday, November 22, 2021

Group Break Recaps - October 2021

Well, here it is the week of Thanksgiving and I'm just getting around to creating a post highlighting some of the cards pulled from our Affordable Group Breaks in October. Man, is time flying or what?!

The first product we opened in October was a hobby box of 1997 Pacific Prism Invincible. Pacific products always seem to garner a lot of attention with in my breaks and that's perfectly fine with me as I'm a huge fan of (most) of their products released in the 90's and 2000's.

The Platinum parallels roughly fall two per box - we ended up w/ Mike Mussina (Orioles) and Robin Ventura (White Sox). I think I almost prefer the silver foil on these to the gold foil on the base cards.

Pacific was known for their crazy die-cut cards and while this Sizzlin' Lumber card of Robin Ventura (White Sox) is rather tame compared to some of the other cards they'd go on to make, it's still a nice 90's era insert none the less.

Our next break featured 4 hanger boxes of 2021 Topps Chrome. At the time I found these I was shocked as most retail shelves around me (and even during my work travels) turned up nothing. This was my first opportunity to rip Chrome so I was just excited as everyone else who claimed a team.

We pulled a total of 7 Refractors from the hanger boxes with some notable names like Mookie Betts (Dodgers) and Alex Bregman (Astros).

Not to be outdone we found 3 Prism Refractors as well that included Khris Davis (A's), Yasmani Grandal (White Sox) and Jack Flaherty (Cardinals).

Everyone like the shiny colored cards! We pulled a red parallel of Shogo Akiyama (Reds) and a Teal Wave parallel of Sean Murphy (A's).

The Beisbol Refractor inserts were represented by Fernando Tatis, Jr. (Padres) and Gleyber Torres (Yankees).

A nice mixture of the 1986 Retrospective Refractors were pulled, including some heavy hitters (Acuna!) and a few rookies.

A week or so later I lucked up again and found more new product on the shelves of my local Walmart so in rare fashion we ripped new product in consecutive breaks.

2021 Bowman Platinum were once again retail exclusives and each box touted two autographs, so I grabbed it up hoping it'd make for a fun break.

Being a Bowman product you know it's all about the prospects and rookies. Here are just a few of the RCs pulled.

Two different colored parallels pulled - blue /150 Mario Feliciano (Brewers) and a green /50 Patrick Bailey (Giants).

Plenty of inserts were to be had including Renowned Rookies and Meteoric. Not a bad selection of players if I do say so myself.

While I can't say I had heard much of either of the two autograph subjects pulled, the participants in the chat section of the livestream said the Vargas auto was the best of the two pulled.

I'm glad that cards are slowly starting to appear once again on retail shelves, if for no other reason it gives me even more variety of product to feature for everyone. I appreciate everyone's continued support and I look forward to hosting more Affordable Group Breaks soon. If you're reading this and have never participated, but want to there are two different ways you can sign up. Right here on the blog I post sign ups, but if you are a Facebook user you can also join my group and participate there.

Until next time!


  1. Happy about that Alonso refractor!

    1. I bet! We'll fire up the breaks again after Thanksgiving. Take care!

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  3. Thanks for showing off the cards!