Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Fright Rags: My Bloody Valentine (1981)


In 1981 Paramount Pictures released a great, often overlooked slasher horror movie, My Bloody Valentine. It's since been re-made, but like a lot of movies from the horror genre that have seen a new version the original is still the best. 

Flash forward to 2023, the movie is receiving a set of trading cards from Fright Rags. I've been on their mailing list for awhile now, more specifically after I discovered they released horror movie trading card sets. I've purchased a few sets from them so when they put up pre-orders for My Bloody Valentine I jumped at the opportunity to buy a box set. Fright Rags sells the cards by the wax pack, complete set or wax box.

If you're not familiar with these offerings, they are done up in an old school style. Fright Rags even does their logo on the packaging to mimic the old style Topps logo. Reminiscent of old Topps movie trading cards like Star Wars or Indiana Jones, these cards feel right at home with grown up collectors. Each card features a still from the movie along with a caption. The back of the card features a small description of the scene pictured on the front. The box set comes with the base set, a few parallels and two stickers. The rear of the stickers features a puzzle image of the movie poster...which look awesome once put (backwards) in a 9 pocket page. Wax Box features two sets, all the stickers and an autograph. They can be pricey ($120) so I opted for the box set.

This images can be a spoiler if you've not seen the movie, so with Valentine's Day coming up I urge you to watch the movie first! If you've seen the movie, then enjoy the card scans. Beware, some of them can be a little graphic.


  1. Never saw the movie, but these cards are cool. I checked out the website and saw they had packs of Creepshow. Was tempted to buy five... but I think I'd rather find a complete set instead.

    1. I went that route with their Silent Night, Deadly Night set...found an eBay seller that had the whole set. I'd like to have a wax pack wrapper, but I'd rather have the complete set, especially w/ something like this. Good luck!

  2. I'm a big fan of this movie and so gald to see your post. I was on the fence about these but will see if they are still available. They look good.

  3. Nice post thank you Amy