Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Box Break - 2010 Topps Update Series (Hobby) #1 | Box full of Strasburg?!

The fine folks @ Blow Out Cards served me 2 hobby boxes of the new 2010 Topps Update Series yesterday and I couldn't wait to get home from work to rip 'em open.  Usually on Tuesday evenings I watch TV w/ my wife so during the odd Rocky Horror Glee Show I opened my first box.

I thought I knew the included inserts and such, but I was puzzled when I opened the box and saw the one card per pack silver wrapper lying on top.  I debated whether to open it first or last.  That debate didn't go on very long as I quickly opened it to discover this:


Wow, neat...I guess.  You see I was never on the Strasburg bandwagon.  Yeah his first outing was very impressive, but I guess with being a Braves fan and with Jason Heyward being a rookie and all I just never cared much for Strasburg's stuff.  I did pull a Bowman Chrome RC of his earlier this year, but quickly sold it.

Moving on.  I ripped a few more packs and then I got these:

Photobucket Photobucket

Card #661 & #US-274.  I read that this card features a different photo from the card released in the Million Card Giveaway I correct?  I actually ended up 2 of #661 from this box.

Another handful of packs later and I got the "Merry Stras-mas" checklist card and it's gold parallel. 

Photobucket Photobucket

This is crazy!  At this point I haven't even pulled a base card of Jason Heyward, but I've pulled 5 cards of Stephen Strasburg!  What gives Topps?  I figured I may pull one of Strasburg's Attax code cards since they are one per pack and sure enough I did with a few packs later.


The last Strasburg card I pulled from this box was a Turkey Red insert.  I still don't know why I like these cards, but I do and this one is no exception.


I plan on building the base set as well as the inserts again so the base cards & the Turkey Red I'm keeping...but I could care less about keeping the duplicate #661, the gold parallel, chrome refractor or the Attax code card.  If you've got any Jason Heyward cards (esp. the chrome refractor) I'm willing to deal.

The box also yielded several good Yo Mama cards and other inserts which were a lot of fun to pull.  The box stated one autograph or relic per box, but I ended up w/ 2 All-Star Game relics.  Neither were too exciting, but I figured someone out there in blogger land will want to swap for them.  Here's a quick break down of the rest of the inserts:

Gold parallels:
#030 Roy Halladay (0370/2010) - Phillies
#068 John Danks (0787/2010) - White Sox
#129 Gregor Blanco (1732/2010) - Royals
#191 Danny Valencia (1118/2010) - Twins
#242 Shelley Duncan (0643/2010) - Indians
#274 Stephen Strasburg & Ivan Rodriguez (1879/2010) - Nationals

All-Star Game Relics:
#AS-MCA Matt Capps (Nationals)
#AS-FC Fausto Carmona (Indians)

Cards Your Mom Threw Out:
#118 John Podres
#124 Lew Burdette
#128 Willie McCovey
#131 Robin Roberts
#145 Lou Brock & Carl Yastrzemski
#158 Frank Thomas
#162 Derek Jeter
#163 Mike Piazza & Ken Griffey Jr.
#165 Barry Zito & Ben Sheets
#169 Jim Thome & Mike Schmidt
#173 Joey Votto
#174 David Price

CYMTO Original Backs:
Nolan Ryan

Legendary Lineage:
#63 Victor Martinez & Carlos Santana
#67 Hank Greenberg & Ike Davis
#68 Mark Teixeira & Logan Morrison
#69 Tom Seaver & Mike Leake
#70 Ernie Banks & Starlin Castro

Million Card Giveaway:
#s 21, 22, 23, 24, 26 (x2), 27 (x2), 30

More Tales of the Game:
#02 Triple Billing
#04 Eddie Matthews - "Homes" of the Braves
#07 Mike Schmidt - Tape-Measure Single
#09 Andre Dawson & Alex Rodriguez - the Last Shall Be First
#11 Warren Spahn - Spahn Spans the Decades
#12 There's No Tying in Baseball

Peak Performance:
#105 John Lackey (x2)
#113 Carlos Santana (x2)
#122 Dallas Braden

Turkey Red:
#103 Jason Heyward
#110 Shin-Soo Choo (x2)
#126 Matt Cain
#134 Rod Carew
#140 Thurman Munson
#146 Duke Snider

Vintage Legends Collection:
#26 Johnny Mize
#31 Babe Ruth
#35 Mel Ott
#36 Ty Cobb (x2)
#39 Roy Campanella
#42 Jackie Robinson (x2)
#43 Johnny Bench


  1. Haha, I totally had already forgotten that Fausto made the All Star team this past year. I kind of like the design on those cards though, not too shabby!

  2. @ Spastik - Yeah, I too like the design of these All-Star relic cards. I'm somewhat tempted to keep 'em since I can pick up others in the set for cheap on eBay...but I'll probably let them go in the end.

    @ timmy519 - I just finished opening my last box so I'll be working on a list of all my doubles. I'll try to remember to let you know once the list is live.

  3. Pretty good pulls. Strange that you pulled so many Strasburgs. I opened only one box, and was pretty disgusted at the 1 per pack Attax cards. If they want to do that, fine- but don't include them as one of the ten cards in the pack. It sucks for us set builders!

  4. That just seems super annoying. Maybe Strasburg will end up being great after all, but Topps was surely banking on him not suffering a major injury here.

    Keep me in mind if you end up with any Cardinals doubles or Turkey Red doubles. I'm going to buy my share of this stuff when it hits retail, but I'm sure I'll need some help.

  5. @ the Chop Keeper - I HATE, HATE these stupid Attax cards, but at least I ended up with at least one other insert on average in each pack.

    @ madding - Lots of stuff on my plate right now, but I'll let you know what doubles/Cardinals I end up with.

  6. Hey Homie,

    Wanna move those Stephen Strasburgs?? I have a couple of Braves relic and some numbered cards i could offer up for them. Plus a ton of Carolina Panthers cards..... Holla at me

  7. @ wickedortega - shoot me an e-mail ( so we can discuss a trade as I want to get rid of those Strasburgs