Sunday, February 6, 2011

Group Break boxes have been ordered + Two for One SALE on remaining teams!

I hope to start the break this upcoming weekend.  There are still a few teams left to claim if you've been on the fence.  All teams left are two for one!  $9 will now get you your choice of any 2 teams left.  Hurry though as this offer will expire Friday, 2/11/11 @ 11pm EST.  Click HERE for the details.

This break will occur like the majority I have hosted.  The box results of OPC and Topps Total will be listed per pack.  More work for me, but at least you have a good idea of the base cards you'll be receiving.  Any insert will be scanned in each box's respective post.

The box of UD Elements will be done by video.  After the video's conclusion I'll post a wrap up post with the hits from the Element box as well as a recap for each team.

I'm always looking for feedback from participants to improve future breaks.  Like something in particular?  Let me know.  Dislike the way something happens?  Let me know.  Want to request a certain box of cards?  Let me know.  You get the idea.


  1. We'll bite. Giants and Mariners.

  2. Dropped a post about the break.

  3. Count me in if I can get the Cubs and Sox.