Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Group Break Recap

Indians - 29 base cards
Mariners - 28 base cards, 1 insert
Orioles - 27 base cards, 1 insert
Rangers - 24 base card, 1 insert
Red Sox - 29 base cards
Royals - 27 base cards
Tigers - 31 base cards
Twins - 29 base cards, 1 insert
White Sox - 30 base cards
Yankees - 27 base cards, 2 inserts, 1 hit (auto)

Astros - 30 base cards
Brewers - 23 base cards
Cardinals - 28 base cards
Cubs - 28 base cards, 1 insert
Diamondbacks - 11 base cards, 1 insert
Dodgers - 19 base cards, 1 insert

Giants - 32 base cards
Marlins - 12 base card, 1 hit (jersey)
Mets - 27 base cards
Phillies - 31 base cards, 1 insert
Pirates - 30 base cards
Reds - 30 base cards
Rockies - 9 base cards, 1 insert

With the exception of a few teams most everyone ended up with the same number of base cards.  Keep in mind that since I'm such a swell guy I've thrown in several cards in everyone's stack to bump those numbers up a bit.

We had 1 hit (Kazmir auto relic) and 1 insert (Crosby Topps Total) that weren't claimed.  We're gonna throw those into the randomizer and award them to the teams that didn't get a hit/insert.  Yankees & Marlins will be exempt in the Kazmir drawing.

2007 UD Elements Scott Kazmir Clear Cut autograph jersey
Congratulations to the Cardinals!

2005 Topps Total Bobby Crosby 2004 Total Award Winner
Congratulations to the Brewers!

And with that this wraps up February's group break.  I really really appreciate everyone's participation.  I've got some ideas for next month already.  Basically I'll be going back to opening less expensive boxes that will yield more cards for everyone while keeping the prices down.  I aim to have everyone's cards in the mail this Friday.  Thanks again everyone!


  1. Thanks again for running this. Let me know if I am sending you those three diamond parallels we talked about.