Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First time contacting Topps' customer service

Sometime last year I participated in a group break featuring 2010 Topps Chrome baseball.  I was lucky enough to end up getting a redemption card for a Brandon Hicks autographed rookie refractor.  Once my cards arrived I was quick to enter the code into Topps.com so I could begin my wait for the card to be delivered to me.

After several weeks of waiting I decided to check on the status of the card since I had to head to the site to enter some codes for Tim Tebow cards.  That is when I noticed the description for the Brandon Hicks card now read some sort of basketball card.  What?  I figured it was a simple error that Topps would find and fix on their own so I didn't report anything.

Flash forward to today when I was trying to file some cards away and I ran across this redemption card.  Since I never got the card I decided to check the website again and that is when I noticed 1) the description had been fixed to list the proper card and 2) there was a USPS tracking number.  So I copied and pasted the # into USPS.com to see what happened to the card.  Apparently it was sent to Bridgeport, NJ on Dec. 28th, 2010.  Sigh...

I shot off an e-mail this evening to Topps' customer service letting them know of the error and asking if my card would be replaced.  Has anything like this happened to any one else?  Is Topps pretty good at fixing errors as such?


  1. I had that redemption card too and they didn't have any more Hicks, so they sent me a replacement auto for Deunsing (not sure of spelling, to lazy to check) from the Twins.

    Good luck!

  2. Oh boy! Thanks for the reply Derek.