Sunday, May 1, 2011

Group Break Haul - Community Gum

In an effort to get a little better at sharing my haul from other group breaks (because I love to read other blogger's posts on their haul from the breaks I host) here are a few of the inserts and my first ever GB hit from Community Gum's recent community break.

Chipper Jones
2002 Fleer Authentix Power Alley #13PA

I loved the idea of an all Fleer products break.  While subsequent years of the Authentix brand were better the 2002 offering wasn't too bad.

Andruw Jones
2002 Fleer Authentix jersey #JA-AJ Ripped

The best part of the '02 Authentix set are the jersey and auto cards.  I love the "ripped" deckle edge, the slightly smaller size and the pseudo ticket embedded into the card.  This card also marks my first ever hit from a group break!

Chipper Jones
2000 Fleer Mystique Supernaturals #2S

Mystique is one of those sets that I never opened and I have often considered including in one my own group breaks...but the guys @ CG beat me to it.  I was a little nervous watching the video as the shiny silver peeling was removed from this card.  As you can see however the peeling came off and a really nice card was delivered to me.  I actually got 2 of this card which surprised me.  Any other Braves fan that wants it let me know.

Photobucket  Photobucket
John Smoltz
2001 Fleer Platinum parallel #105 (159/201)

I really liked this year of Platinum.  The card fronts had a simple yet retro feel while the backs for a change caught my attention w/ the bar charts breaking down certain stats.  I believe this parallel originally went unknown in the video as the packs were being ripped.  I can see why as the only thing that would let you know it was a parallel (other than the serial numbering on the back) is that the Fleer logo is all silver foil along with the Platinum logo being outlined in silver foil.

Chipper Jones
2001 Fleer Platinum Grandstand Greats #1GG

The last insert I got in the group break was this cool card of Chipper.  You can't really tell from the scan, but the corners of the card are rounded like a playing card.

This had to be one of the most productive group breaks I've ever participated in where I was able to claim the Braves.  I got my money's worth and I eagerly await Community Gum's next community break.

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  1. I was nervous about how the cards would peel too. Really nervous. I'm glad they turned out for everyone. Hopefully the next one works out well for you too!