Sunday, June 12, 2011

Group Break - 1998 Topps Chrome Series 1

We're already on the last box of the group break?  Or are we?!  I've had a lot of fun with this all chrome themed group break.  If you'd like to see other themed group breaks in the future let me know.  Even though I'm planning on taking next month off from hosting my Affordable Group Break, I do have some ideas along with a some what big announcement to make that will effect future product selected for breaks.

With that out of the way let's take a look at the inserts and the odds we'll be chasing in this box.  Refractors 1:12, Flashback 1:24, Flashback Refractors 1:72, Baby Boomer 1:24, Baby Boomer Refractors 1:72, Hall Bound 1:24 and Hall Bound Refractors 1:72.  If we go by the listed odds we should find 2 Refractors, 1 Flashback, 1 Baby Boomer and 1 Hall Bound.  Let's get to ripping some packs to see what we have.

Pack 1:
#130 Tom Glavine (Braves)
#262 Eric Chavez (A's) / Russ Johnson (Astros) / Russell Branyan (Indians)
#088 B.J. Surhoff (Orioles)
#207 Raul Casanova (Tigers)

These multi player draft pick cards will be randomed off between the listed teams

Pack 2:
#272 Denny Neagle (Braves)
#003 Billy Wagner (Astros)
#198 Luis Sojo - Refractor (Yankees)
#051 Mark Garnder (Giants)

Pack 3:
#018 Mike Bordick (Orioles)
Photobucket  Photobucket
#FB6 Tony Gwynn - Flashback (Padres)
#126 Jeromy Burnitz (Brewers)
#263 John Barnes (Red Sox) / Ryan Jackson (Marlins) / Todd Dunwoody (Marlins)

This multi player card will go to the Red Sox since the Marlins weren't picked.

Pack 4:
#201 Bill Mueller (Giants)
#149 Alex Fernandez (Marlins)
#065 Ryan Klesko (Braves)
#252 Jason Conti & Mike Stoner (Diamondbacks)

Pack 5:
#270 Chuck Knoblauch (Twins)
#084 Steve Karsay (A's)
#232 Bret Boone (Reds)
#125 Manny Ramirez (Indians)

Pack 6:
#093 Edgar Renteria (Marlins)
#244 Tim Belcher (Royals)
#053 Dave Hollins (Angels)
#260 Chad Hermansen (Pirates) / Brent Butler (Cardinals) / Warren Morris (Rangers)

Pack 7:
#170 Darryl Kile (Astros)
#267 Richaro Rincon (Pirates)
#166 Gary Sheffield (Marlins)
#071 Mark McLemore (Rangers)

Pack 8:
#047 Devon White (Marlins)
#088 James Baldwin (White Sox)
#066 Darryl Hamilton (Giants)
#261 Eliser Marrero (Cardinals), Ramon Hernandez (A's) / Ben Davis (Padres)

Pack 9:
#087 Jamey Wright (Rockies)
#206 Quinton McCracken (Rockies)
#129 Jason Dickson (Angels)
#132 Rick Reed (Mets)

Pack 10:
#061 Pat Kelly (Yankees)
#107 Jeffrey Hammonds (Orioles)
#045 Pat Hentgen (Blue Jays)
#279 Gary Sheffield (Marlins)

Pack 11:
#134 Dave Martinez (White Sox)
#184 Jeff Montgomery (Royals)
#113 Brad Radke (Twins)
#241 Bobby Ayala (Mariners)

Another firefighter card?  What gives?!

Pack 12:
#231 Glendon Rusch (Royals)
#238 Tom Martin (Astros)
#106 Mike Sweeney (Royals)
#216 Jose Mesa (Indians)

Pack 13:
#239 Dave Burba (Reds)
#147 Damion Easley (Tigers)
#048 Danny Patterson (Rangers)
#159 Pokey Reese (Reds)

Pack 14:
#211 Allen Watson (Angels)
#058 Tony Fernandez (Indians)
#012 Matt Williams (Indians)
#202 Russ Davis (Mariners)

Pack 15:
#141 Jaime Navarro (White Sox)
#229 Rich Amaral (Mariners)
#005 Vladimir Guerrero (Expos)
#114 Steve Avery (Braves)

Pack 16:
#228 Scott Hattenberg (Red Sox)
#174 Jose Rosado (Royals)
#190 Brian Giles (Indians)
#119 Orlando Merced (Blue Jays)

I love the "play at the wall" photos such as this!

Pack 17:
#120 Kevin Appier (Royals)
#143 Joey Cora (Mariners)
#177 Hal Morris (Reds)
#221 Jim Bullinger (Expos) 

Pack 18:
#115 Esteban Loaiza (Pirates)
#154 David Segui (Expos)
#154 David Segui (Expos)
#077 Greg Vaughn (Padres)

Pack 19:
#183 Javier Lopez (Braves)
#275 Checklist
#044 Gary DiSarcina (Angels)
#019 Michael Tucker (Braves)

Pack 20:
#089 Edgardo Alfonzo (Mets)
#HB5 Dennis Eckersley - Hall Bound (Cardinals)
#026 John Thomson (Rockies)
#161 Roger Pavlik (Rangers)

Finally another insert!  I was beginning to wonder where they were hiding.  Nice looking card too!

Pack 21:
#188 Tom Candiotti (Dodgers)
#121 Mel Nieves (Tigers)
#HB13 Mike Piazza - Hall Bound (Dodgers)
#060 Mark Leiter (Phillies)

Wow!  Another insert?  Another Hall Bound insert at that?  We're beating the odds here people!

Pack 22:
#198 Kevin Elster (Pirates)
#BB12 Todd Greene - Baby Boomer (Angels)
#176 Jason Giambi (A's)
#247 Vernon Wells & Aaron Akin (Blue Jays)

Nice.  Insert and a Vernon Wells RC.

Pack 23:
#172 Vinny Castilla (Rockies)
#113 Brad Radke (Twins)
#116 Stan Javier (Giants)
#251 Pablo Ortega & James Manias (Rays)

Pack 24:
#072 Gary Gaetti (Cardinals)
#250 Jared Sandberg & Alex Sanchez (Rays)
#BB14 Justin Thompson - Baby Boomers (Tigers)
#182 Kevin Young (Pirates)

And with that we are out of packs.  I'd say we did pretty good as we beat the odds on a few of the inserts.  We were short one Refractor, but we got an extra Baby Boomer and Hall Bound card.  The team tally list below has been updated to reflect all 3 boxes.  I'm not done yet so make sure you keep checking back as I may have a card up my sleeve!

B = base, I = insert

Atlanta Braves | B/11, I/2
Baltimore Orioles | B/14, I/1
Boston Red Sox | B/7, I/1
California Angels | B/9, I/3
Chicago Cubs | B/4, I/0
Chicago White Sox | B/8, I/0
Cincinnati Reds | B/9, I/0
Cleveland Indians | B/9, I/2
Colorado Rockies | B/10, I/0
Detroit Tigers | B/11, I/1
Florida Marlins | B/11, I/0
Houston Astros | B/7, I/0
Kansas City Royals | B/12, I/1
Los Angeles Dodgers | B/9, I/1
Milwaukee Brewers | B/6, I/1
Minnesota Twins | B/9, I/0
Montreal Expos | B/12, I/1
New York Mets | B/11, I/2
New York Yankees | B/13, I/2
Oakland Athletics | B/8, I/1
Philadelphia Phillies | B/6, I/0
Pittsburgh Pirates | B/12, I/0
San Diego Padres | B/5, I/1
San Francisco Giants | B/11, I/1
Seattle Mariners | B/11, I/1
St. Louis Cardinals | B/6, I/1
Tampa Bay Rays | B/9, I/0
Texas Rangers | B/10, I/1
Toronto Blue Jays | B/10, I/0


  1. I assume the firefighters are a play on the old term firemen describing closers, since both were top closers back in '98.

    Once again, great break (I'm even happy without inserts since these are all new to me) and I can't wait to see what's up your sleeve.

  2. A Dodger insert? I'm climbing back into my chair after falling out of it.

  3. Another Mike Sweeney AND a Jeff Montgomery! Two of my favorites.

    Thanks, Colbey.

  4. Awesome, Colbey. Thanks so much for hosting. I look forward to more!