Thursday, June 23, 2011

Box Break - 2010 Topps Chrome

What was I just saying about wishing I could find different discounted product locally at retail?  I stopped by Walmart this evening to buy a bubble mailer for a book I sold online and I made the obligatory stop by the card aisle before hitting the checkout lane.  What?  2010 Topps Chrome blasters for 12 bucks?!  Sold.

I happy to report that the cards still come out curved just like they did when the product was new last year!  Seriously though 8 packs of Topps Chrome for 12 bucks ain't a bad deal in my book.  I didn't score a Jason Heyward RC or any autographs, but I did hit several Refractors and I always love pulling those.  Let's take a look at the shiny goodness that was hiding inside.


From top to bottom, left to right:

#217 Hisanori Takahashi RC Refractor
#131 Michael Bourn Refractor
#048 Justin Upton Refractor
#107 Edinson Volquez Xfractor
#088 Scott Kazmir Xfractor
#103 Jose Lopez Purple Refractor (235/599)
#CC15 Michael Young National Chicle Chrome (808/999)

The rest of the box had the run of the mill RCs and veterans.  If you're looking for any thing particular let me know.  Overall it was a fun box to open and I may go back for another as there were several this evening.


  1. I'll bet we could make a deal for that Michael Young card.

  2. Now I might have to venture into a Wal-Mart (a rare event for me).

  3. The whole curving thing might make me stay away even at $12. Finding a colored refractor is tempting though.

    WV: madness