Saturday, June 25, 2011

2011 Topps Marquee Break Update - $38 / 2 teams

I wanted to thank everyone that has expressed interest in my idea of a case break of Topps Marquee.  The only way it would work as I proposed it is if all 30 teams (29 teams since I'm claiming the Braves) were claimed.

I'm having a hard time seeing some teams claimed as it was pointed out to me that not every team is very well represented across the various checklists.  That said I wanted to propose another option that would cost a little less and might be more feasible to fill up and more fair to everyone who participates.

I personally don't like the idea as much of drafting at random the hits from the you'll get 1 team of your choice plus another at random.  That way it'll double your chance at getting a good card(s) and it should help fill up the break making it a reality.

The break would be done via video and posted to YouTube.  I've never done the whole UStream thing, but I may look into that as well.

What I'm asking you to do now is leave a comment with your team of choice.  There are only 14 slots available so don't delay.  If you already left a post yesterday/earlier I'm going to put you down for that team.  If you don't want to participate in this 3 box deal then please let me know ASAP so others have a shot.

3 boxes, $38.00 per slot shipped.  15 slots total - first team is of your choosing.  After all 15 slots are claimed then a 2nd team will be assigned to you at random.

You have 2 weeks to submit your payment.  The sooner the better.  PayPal gift payments can be sent to:  cardboardcollectionsATyahooDOTcom  Make sure you let me know your team of choice and your mailing address.

01) Colbey (Braves) (PAID)
02) IkesCards (Cardinals) (PAID)
03) hiflew (Rockies) (PAID)
04) Play at the Plate (Rangers) (PAYMENT SENT)
05) BA Benny (Mets) (PAID)
06) Matt Pederson (Yankees) (PAID)
07) Cardsplitter (Red Sox) (PAID)
08) Ryan G (Dodgers) (PAID)
09) daddyoho (Phillies) (PAID)
10) beady (Orioles) (PAID)
11) arpsmith (Giants) (PAID)
12) Ryan (Reds) (PAID)
13) Matt Pederson (Cubs) (PAID)
14) cynicalbuddha (Brewers) (PAID)
15) Jason (Indians) (PAID)


  1. It's an amazing checklist. Very light on Tigers though. I will ponder it for the rest of the day.

  2. I'm still in for the Rangers. Money en route tomorrow!

  3. I'll take the Orioles, but can't pay up till Friday. Is that going to be ok?

  4. List updated. We're almost there! Please remember to spread the word to anyone else you think that may be interested!

  5. You know I want the Cubbies. Not a big checklist for them, but if I hit one, I hit one big. Pull me a few Rynos like you usually do.

  6. I'll take the Reds. Payment incoming.

  7. I'll take the Giants, payment will be made in the next day or two. My first break with you. Thanks!

  8. Colbey thanks for saving a spot for me...I missed the announcement apparently by a few days. I'll have payment to you in the morning.

  9. I'll take the Indians if that last spot is still open. I can send payment tonight when I get home.

  10. Thanks for the quick payments everyone. The order has been placed. Just have to play the waiting game now. 2nd teams will be randomized and posted this weekend. Everyone is allowed to trade teams if they want.

  11. When is this product going to be released?

  12. August we've got a little time on our hands...

  13. Looks like the release date has been pushed back to mid-Sept.

    hopefully the checklist still looks good when it finally comes out...