Saturday, June 11, 2011

Group Break - 1999 Topps Chrome

As suggested we'll continue the group break in reverse order, opening the Hobby box of 1999 Topps Chrome Series 2 next.  24 packs again with each pack containing 4 cards.  Lots of inserts to chase as well.

Refractors (1:12), All-Etch (1:6), All-Etch Refractors (1:24), Fortune 15 (1:12), Fortune 15 Refractors (1:627)Record Numbers (1:36) and Record Numbers Refractors (1:144).

Pack 1:
#384 Omar Daal (Diamondbacks)
#313 Ramiro Mendoza (Yankees)
#293 Ryan Minor (Orioles)
#300 Alex Rodriguez - Refractor (Mariners)

OK, we're off to a good start with a nice A-Rod shiny!  There should be one more Refractor hiding in the packs.

Pack 2:
#267 Rick Helling (Rangers)
#310 Tony Womack (Pirates)
#323 Bernard Gilkey (Diamondbacks)
#369 Adrian Beltre (Dodgers)

Pack 3:
#266 Kevin Young (Pirates)
#361 Luis Gonzalez (Diamondbacks)
#AE21 Ron Belliard - All-Etch (Brewers)
#AE13 Mo Vaughn - All-Etch Refractor (Angels)

Wow, 2 inserts in the same pack...and a Refractor version too!

Pack 4:
#273 Bill Simas (White Sox)
#262 Kevin Tapani (Cubs)
#389 Charles Nagy (Indians)
#257 Steve Trachsel (Cubs)

Pack 5:
#274 Brian Hunter (Astros)
#247 Alex Gonzalez (Marlins)
#396 Mark McLemore (Rangers)
#FF6 Vladimir Guerrero - Fortune 15 (Expos)

Pack 6:
#303 Ryan McGuire (Expos)
#269 Brian McRae (Mets)
#364 Bobby Howry (White Sox)

#331 Roy Halladay (Blue Jays)

Score another Halladay for Things Are Funner Here!

Pack 7:
#379 Edgar Renteria (Cardinals)
#403 Jose Offerman (Red Sox)
#320 Al Leiter (Mets)
#330 Jeff Kent (Giants)

Pack 8:
#411 Preston Wilson (Marlins)
#421 Ricky Ledee (Yankees)
#322 Reggie Jefferson (Red Sox)

#271 Jeff Abbott (White Sox)

Pack 9:
#393 Jeff Conine (Royals)
#342 Mike Lansing (Rockies)
#351 Carlos Guillen (Mariners)

#AE19 Jeremy Giambi - All-Etch (Royals)

I think this card of Giambi makes it the first Royals insert I've pulled in a group break!

Pack 10:
#275 John Franco (Mets)
#382 Calvin Pickering (Orioles)

#397 Juan Encarnacion (Tigers)
#291 David Ortiz (Twins)

Pack 11:
#360 Tim Salmon (Angels)
#376 Jay Buhner (Mariners)
#334 Roger Clemens (Yankees)

#353 Travis Fryman - Refractor (Indians)

More shiny Refractor fun for the Tribe!

Pack 12:
#304 Brad Ausmus (Tigers)
#315 Rafael Palmeiro (Rangers)
#328 Fernando Vina (Brewers)
#344 Ron Coomer (Twins)

Pack 13:
#302 Hideo Nomo (Mets)
#388 Pete Harnisch (Reds)
#391 Bobby Smith (Rays)
#363 Chris Carpenter (Blue Jays)

Pack 14:

#321 Rico Brogna (Phillies)
#390 Tom Gordon (Red Sox)
#319 Tom Candiotti (A's)
#398 Wade Boggs (Rays)

Pack 15:
#253 Steve Finley (Diamondbacks)
#312 Marty Cordova (Twins)

#383 Marquis Grissom (Brewers)
#FF4 Troy Glaus - Fortune 15 (Angels)

Pack 16:
#343 Jamie Moyer (Mariners)
#404 Joe Fontenot (Marlins)
#407 Richard Hidalgo (Astros)
#414 Justin Baughman (Angels)

Pack 17:
#286 Todd Zeile (Rangers)
#366 Ugueth Urbina (Expos)
#417 Miguel Cairo (Rays)

#AE11 Rafael Palmeiro - All-Etch (Rangers)

That makes 3 All-Etch inserts.  If the odds are correct there should be one more.

Pack 18:

#392 Derrick Gibson (Rockies)
#287 Al Martin (Pirates)
#316 Ramon Martinez (Dodgers)
#318 Dave Hollins (Angels)

Pack 19:
#337 John Burkett (Rangers)
#278 Chuck Finley (Angels)
#409 Brian Anderson (Diamondbacks)
#284 Shane Monahan (Mariners)

Pack 20:
#362 Scott Spiezio (A's)
#410 Jeff Shaw (Dodgers)
#255 Dustin Hermanson (Expos)
#309 Juan Guzman (Orioles)

Pack 21:
#346 Fernando Tatis (Cardinals)
#413 Jim Parque (White Sox)
#347 Chili Davis (Yankees)
#311 Dennis Reyes (Reds)

#AE5 Albert Belle - All-Etch (Orioles)

An extra card + an insert!

Pack 22:
#270 Cal Ripken Jr. (Orioles)
#244 Andy Benes (Diamondbacks)
#306 Brian Jordan (Braves)
#327 Delino DeShields (Orioles)

Pack 23:
#374 Dave Mlicki (Dodgers)
#377 Bill Mueller (Giants)
#368 Kerry Ligtenberg (Braves)
#308 Mark Grudzielanek (Dodgers)

Pack 24:
#281 Randy Winn (Rays)
#298 Pat Hentgen (Blue Jays)
#256 Kirk Rueter (Giants)
#264 Carl Pavano (Expos)

It was nice to see teams that normally don't get (many) inserts come up with a few in this box.  I hope everyone is enjoying the break thus far.  I know the card count per team isn't as high as with past breaks, but I'll try to do something about that to bump up the numbers.  I'll be back w/ the last box of the break, 1998 Topps Chrome soon.  The card count list has been updated to reflect the first 2 boxes.

B = base, I = insert

Atlanta Braves | B/5, I/2
Baltimore Orioles | B/11, I/1
Boston Red Sox | B/5, I/1
California Angels | B/5, I/2
Chicago Cubs | B/4, I/0
Chicago White Sox | B/5, I/0
Cincinnati Reds | B/5, I/0
Cleveland Indians | B/4, I/2
Colorado Rockies | B/6, I/0
Detroit Tigers | B/8, I/0
Florida Marlins | B/6, I/0
Houston Astros | B/4, I/0
Kansas City Royals | B/6, I/1
Los Angeles Dodgers | B/8, I/0
Milwaukee Brewers | B/5, I/1
Minnesota Twins | B/6, I/0
Montreal Expos | B/8, I/1
New York Mets | B/9, I/2
New York Yankees | B/12, I/1
Oakland Athletics | B/6, I/1
Philadelphia Phillies | B/5, I/0
Pittsburgh Pirates | B/8, I/0
San Diego Padres | B/4, I/0
San Francisco Giants | B/7, I/1
Seattle Mariners | B/7, I/1
St. Louis Cardinals | B/5, I/0
Texas Rangers | B/7, I/1
Toronto Blue Jays | B/7, I/0


  1. w00, A Vlad insert I didn't have. Mission accomplished! Some other cool stuff spread out between the 2 boxes like Urbina, Pavano, Vidro, etc. too. Keep 'em comin'!

  2. Some Angel love in that box. Gonna love passing that big Mo onto an Angel collecting buddy of mine.

  3. @ jaybarkerfan - which Angels fan is it? Does he have his own blog?

  4. It's a friend of key2win(one of the moderators) at CCW. I don't think he has his own blog but I can try and find out.

  5. I am late in checking out these posts, but I am very happy with the Halladays!