Friday, June 10, 2011

Group Break - 2000 Topps Stadium Club Chrome

Welcome to June's Affordable Group Break!  We'll start things off with the hobby box of 2000 Stadium Club Chrome.  Lots of inserts to possibly be had so let's take a look at the odds.  Refractors (1:12), 1st Day Issue parallel #d (1:33), 1st Day Issue Refractor (1:131), True Colors (1:32), True Colors Refractor (1:160), Visionaries (1:18), Visionaries Refractor (1:90), Capture the Action (1:18), Capture the Action Refractor (1:90), Eyes of the Game (1:16), Eyes of the Game Refractor (1:80), Clear Shot (1:24) and Clear Shot die-cut Refractor (1:120)

24 packs with 5 cards per pack.  I'm going with the per pack listing style for all 3 boxes this month.  All inserts and parallels will be scanned in as they are pulled from the packs.  Good luck everyone!

** 6/11/11 UPDATE - Card tally at end of post updated to reflect these cards **

Pack 1:
#185 Carlos Febles (Royals)
#230 Wilton Veras (Red Sox)
#V19 Alex Escobar - Visionaries (Mets)
#184 Damion Easley (Tigers)
#107 Tony Womack (Diamondbacks)

We're off to a pretty good start with an insert in our first pack!

Pack 2:
#064 Tim Hudson (A's)
#013 Dante Bichette (Reds)
#064 Tim Hudson - First Day Issue #053/100 (A's)
#008 Orlando Hernandez (Yankees)
#118 Torii Hunter (Twins)

Pack 3:
#202 Nick Johnson (Yankees)
#027 Roy Halladay (Blue Jays)
#247 Chance Caple RC (Cardinals)
#123 Jim Thome (Indians)
#196 John Flaherty (Rays)

I'm guessing Julie from Things Are Funner Here signed up for the Blue Jays for just this reason!

Pack 4:
#179 Mike Bordick (Orioles)
#199 Brad Ausmus (Tigers)
#155 Raul Mondesi (Blue Jays)
#148 Luis Gonzalez (Diamondbacks)
#117 Ricky Ledee (Yankees)

Typical Stadium Club fashion - great photography!

Pack 5:
#056 Matt Stairs (A's)
#093 John Olerud (Mariners)
#EG2 Mike Piazza - Eyes of the Game (Mets)
#057 Omar Vizquel (Indians)
#156 Rich Aurilia (Giants)

Wow!  The Eyes of the Game cards are printed on clear acetate with a chrome finish.  Look at the emotion captured on Mike's face.

Pack 6:
#208 Alfonso Soriano (Yankees)
#180 Ed Sprague (Pirates)
#058 Tom Goodwin (Rockies)
#063 Chris Widger (Expos)
#209 A.J. Burnett (Marlins)

I wouldn't want to be the catcher underneath the leaping Ed Sprague!

Pack 7:

#004 Jeromy Burnitz (Brewers)
#244 Kyle Snyder RC (Royals)
#119 John Valentin - Refractor (Red Sox)
#132 Mark Grudzielanek (Dodgers)
#201 Erubiel Durazo RC (Diamondbacks)

Pack 8:
#222 Daryle Ward (Astros)
#228 Aramis Ramirez (Pirates)
#CA17 Barry Bonds - Capture the Action! (Giants)
#187 Frank Thomas (White Sox)
#083 Roberto Alomar (Indians)

I swear I pull a Barry Bonds insert in every group break!

Pack 9:
#200 Mark McGwire (Cardinals)
#219 John Patterson (Diamondbacks)
#079 Mike Hampton (Mets)
#048 Mike Sweeney (Royals)
#091 Jay Buhner (Mariners)

Pack 10:
#135 Mike Piazza (Mets)
#182 Greg Vaughn (Rays)
#V8 Nick Johnson - Visionaries (Yankees)
#213 Dee Brown (Royals)
#043 Rondell White (Expos)

New York is cleaning up in the Visionaries insert department!

Pack 11:
#018 Trevor Hoffman (Padres)
#128 Kevin Millwood (Braves)
#136 Brian Meadows (Padres)
#035 Jeff Kent (Giants)
#197 Derek Jeter (Yankees)

Pack 12:
#066 Tim Salmon (Angels)
#007 Jose Offerman (Red Sox)
#015 Juan Gonzalez (Tigers)
#196 Dean Palmer (Tigers)
#226 Peter Bergeron RC (Expos)

Interleague play photo!  Braves too!  I love it!

Pack 13:
#121 Jason Kendall (Pirates)
#099 Eric Karros (Dodgers)
#228 Aramis Ramirez (Pirates)
#086 Doug Mientkiewicz (Twins)
#130 Omar Daal (Diamondbacks)

Pack 14:
#065 Javier Lopez (Braves)
#094 Brady Anderson (Orioles)
#246 Mike Paradis RC (Orioles)
#169 Barry Bonds (Giants)
#198 Todd Walker (Twins)

Pack 15:
#085 Rafael Palmeiro (Rangers)
#025 Ray Lankford (Cardinals)
#097 Mickey Morandini (Phillies)
#077 Ron Belliard (Brewers)
#053 Jose Vidro (Expos)

Pack 16:
#111 Al Leiter (Mets)
#212 Adam Piatt RC (A's)
#146 Russ Davis (Giants)
#218 Jack Cust RC (Diamondbacks)
#030 Barry Larkin (Reds)

Pack 17:
#005 Shane Reynolds (Astros)
#062 Andy Ashby (Phillies)

Photobucket  Photobucket
#CS5 Greg Maddux - Clear Shots (Braves)
#162 Juan Encarnacion (Tigers)
#010 Tony Clark (Tigers)

Another beautiful transparent chrome card.

Pack 18:
#166 Shannon Stewart (Blue Jays)
#044 Doug Glanville (Phillies)
#229 John Sneed RC (Blue Jays)
#087 Mariano Rivera (Yankees)
#171 Brian Hunter (Mariners)

Pack 19:
#176 Geoff Jenkins (Brewers)
#090 Ivan Rodriguez (Rangers)
#102 Ryan Klesko (Padres)
#140 Larry Walker (Rockies)
#210 Rafael Furcal RC (Braves)

I'm sure Play at the Plate will enjoy this play at the plate!

Pack 20:
#120 Scott Rolen (Phillies)
#081 Jeff Cirillo (Rockies)
#181 Dave Roberts - Refractor (Indians)
#006 Alex Gonzalez (Marlins)
#223 Jayson Werth RC (Orioles)

Scott Rolen...future WWE star!  I looks like he is giving the runner a shot to the abs!
Jayson came up as a catcher...with the Orioles?  Learn something new every day.

Pack 21:
#207 Roosevelt Brown RC (Cubs)
#245 Jay Gehake RC (Royals)
#TC6 Chipper Jones - True Colors Refractor (Braves)
#173 Mark Kotsay (Marlins)
#193 Todd Helton (Rockies)

Woohoo!  Shiny rainbow version of Chipper.  I'd say we beat the odds with this 1:160 card!

Pack 22:
#084 Charles Johnson (Orioles)
#078 Troy Glaus (Mets)
#242 Omar Ortiz RC (Padres)
#125 Jose Canseco (Rays)
#070 Bernie Williams (Yankees)

Pack 23:
#026 Kevin Appier (A's)
#221 Chad Hermansen RC (Pirates)
#038 Shawn Green (Dodgers)
#175 Sammy Sosa (Cubs)
#092 Pokey Reese (Reds)

Pack 24:
#216 Rob Ryan RC (Diamondbacks)
#192 Mike Mussina (Orioles)
#039 Derek Bell (Mets)
#188 Roger Clemens (Yankees)
#225 Mark Mulder RC (A's)

I may be biased since my team (Braves) got 2 really nice inserts, but I thought that was a pretty good box.  Next up will be one of the boxes of Topps Chrome.  Any preference of what year?  1998 or 1999 first?

B = base, I = insert
Atlanta Braves | B/3, I/2
Baltimore Orioles | B/6, I/0
Boston Red Sox | B/2, I/1
California Angels | B/1, I/0
Chicago Cubs | B/2, I/0
Chicago White Sox | B/1, I/0
Cincinnati Reds | B/3, I/0
Cleveland Indians | B/3, I/1
Colorado Rockies | B/4, I/0
Detroit Tigers | B/6, I/0
Florida Marlins | B/3, I/0
Houston Astros | B/2, I/0
Kansas City Royals | B/5, I/0
Los Angeles Dodgers | B/3, I/0
Milwaukee Brewers | B/3, I/0
Minnesota Twins | B/3, I/0
Montreal Expos | B/4, I/0
New York Mets | B/5, I/2
New York Yankees | B/8, I/1
Oakland Athletics | B/5, I/1
Philadelphia Phillies | B/4, I/0
Pittsburgh Pirates | B/5, I/0
San Diego Padres | B/4, I/0
San Francisco Giants | B/4, I/1
Seattle Mariners | B/3, I/0
St. Louis Cardinals | B/3, I/0
Texas Rangers | B/2, I/0
Toronto Blue Jays | B/4, I/0


  1. Well you started with 2000 so you can do it countdown style with 99 next and then 98.

    I really LOVE those visionaries inserts, actually all the inserts are pretty good looking (minus the Capture the Action. I wonder why they used a picture on Eyes of the Game of Piazza with his eyes CLOSED. Still a great insert though.

  2. I'm interested in that Furcal rookie if you're up for trading it.

  3. Got a Mike Sweeney! I'm happy. :-)

  4. Wow, those cards look awesome! I gotta pick up a box myself some day.

  5. The True Colors card is awesome.

    It's really hard for a Braves fan to go wrong with anything that was put out between 1996-2000.

  6. Great looking cards! I did well with both NY teams too.

  7. Yes sir! Love the chrome Halladay. That is exactly why I signed up for the Jays!