Friday, June 17, 2011

Hinske in my mailbox

Been a long week at of the reasons for the lack of posts lately.  I did want to share really quick this little beauty that showed up in my mailbox this weekend.  Most Braves fan will say IT'S ABOUT TIME TOPPS PUT HIM IN THE BASE SET!  Finding a deal on the black version just made the card that much sweeter.  #d 5/60.



  1. Finally. Now when's O'Flaherty gonna get a card?

  2. Sweem Hinske! Got any extra Braves laying around. We could do a Braves for Braves swap? LMK. Wes

  3. @ jaybarkerfan As a matter of fact I do have some extra Braves laying around. E-mail me and we'll work out a trade.