Friday, June 10, 2011

Maddux Collectors - Help me ID this card!

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I've never seen this card before, have you?  It's a black and white (obviously) and says "Yours Truly" at the bottom.  I believe I grabbed it for a buck.  I didn't know at the time it was serially numbered, low number at that.  What does the Legend Code: 1939-45TYR on the back mean?


  1. Not a Maddux collector, but it appears to be a 2004 Leaf "Exhibits" Black & White insert.

  2. Yea. Check out

  3. This blog post from Capewood has more information.

    Apparently there are 44 variations of each card. The Legend Code refers to which variation you have. TYR stands for "Truly Yours Right" as in the words truly yours and on the right side of the card (at least according to the blog post)

  4. If only I had woke up about 30 minutes earlier I would have owned the comments on this post! I think the idea was to collect one of each of the variations of your favorite player. There are variations on the variations, though - there was a Leaf "Second Edition" which featured all the same variations, this time without numbering.

    Playoff would continue this idea with their Sportscasters inserts the next year (100+ variations), as well as Studio Portraits and Thowback Threads Polo Grounds. And then they lost their license.

  5. Thanks for the information everyone. I guess I don't get all of the variations or why one would want to track them all down.