Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Acquisitions

Things have slowed down quite a bit here as my budget has all but disappeared and as I move all my crap around, but the mail man did brighten my day with a few bubble mailers the other day.

First up are 2 cards from the new 2011 Topps Chrome.  I'm holding out buying packs/blasters and hoping to trade for the singles I want.  I still haven't landed a Braves team set, but I did pick up this beautiful Sepia Tim Hudson card.  I believe I got it for 2 bucks.
The card looks so much better in person.  I don't think I knew however that the card was sequentially numbered and out of 99 to boot.  When I got the card I flipped it over and saw this:


#01/99!  I really had no idea!  I was happy w/ how beautiful the card looks so this was the icing on the proverbial cake.


I'm not actively pursuing a Heath Bell collection, but several cards of his have found their way into my possession since the All-Star break.  I'm a sucker for refractors and their variations so I was happy w/ this card - #077/100.

I've you've read my blog for long then you should know I'm a wrestling fan.  While I was a little let down by this year's Topps WWE inserts I was happy w/ the selection of wrestlers included on the relic and auto checklists.  For some reason Santino Marella has always entertained me since his introduction in 2007 as a "fan" in the audience.  


I was able to grab a new relic of his and while it's a plain white t-shirt piece I still find it a nice card.  I've seen other versions of this card with multi colored t-shirt pieces, but for now this one will do.  I like how on the back of the card it mentions this t-shirt was worn on a taping of SmackDown on February 1, 2011 in Uniondale, NY.  I wish Topps did this with relics in other sports sets.

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