Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No Postseason for the Braves...

Yes I'm upset.  What started off as a great season came to a screeching halt when the calender turned a page to September.  Why all the sudden could the Braves not score any runs and give their pitchers and run support?  Why couldn't the pitchers stay out of trouble?  Why did Freddie Gonzalez keep sending Derek Lowe to the freakin' mound?!

I didn't expect the Phillies to roll over and play dead for this final 3 game series, but I thought the Braves could at least get 1 game.  It's "funny" how Hunter Pence is the one that ended the Braves season since it was his old team (the Astros) that could've helped out the Braves by taking care of the Cardinals.  I knew there was a good reason as to why I cringed when I heard about Pence going to Philly.

Oh well, complaining doesn't help anything so I'll leave it at that.  I'm bitter.  I'm upset.  I'm disappointed.  All the while I'm happy about most of the season and the baseball that was played by my Braves.  If we all can forget about the month of September then most of us can agree that it's been a wild ride.  Thanks Freddie and the rest of the guys. We'll get 'em next year.

I guess I'll switch my focus over to the AL now and root for the Red Sox Tigers.  Oh yeah, if the Cardinals are facing the Phillies...I guess I'm now a Cardinals fan too!


  1. I feel you. The Giants have had this problem for a couple months now. The run support just hasn't been there.

    Learn from your mistakes and move on. And as fans we just have to hope for better bats next season.

  2. Why is Heyward so lazy? Why can't umpires make the correct call? Why couldn't the Astros score any runs? Why did all of our players have to get hurt? Questions that'll probably never be answered.

    I'm bitter, too. Does it make me a bad baseball fan that I have absolutely no interest in the playoffs now that the Braves aren't in it?

    I hate the end of the baseball season. It marks the beginning of the cold weather, even here in Atlanta. I'm moving to the islands. Be back in April.

  3. This is tough to take. Been a fan since 1980, and I am completely disgusted with this team right now. This is actually tougher to take than the '96 Series meltdown. Heads need to roll, but I will be surprised if Frank Wren makes any coaching/managerial changes. Time to focus on vintage Braves cards for the time being. As far as playoffs- go Brewers.

  4. WWBD. What Would Bobby Do?

    I haven't questioned Freddie Gonzalez's decisions for most of the season, but why did he let Kimbrel stay in the game after he walked the first batter? I watched the 9th inning this afternoon since the game was being replayed on SportsSouth. I just don't understand why Medlen didn't warm up earlier and come into the game. Why wait until there are men in scoring position to bring in a new pitcher?

    From a cardboard collecting standpoint I guess I'll root for the Cardinals since I collect Berkman, Holliday and Pujols. I'll still be hunting for some Tim Hudson cards during the offseason.

    This blog will now slowly convert over to a Carolina Panthers hub as that is all I have to look forward to now...and that isn't saying much. At least no one expects much out of the Panthers.