Monday, September 19, 2011

Under Construction & September Group Break Update

I wanted to let everyone know that posts here may be a little light over the next few weeks.  I had some things come up at home that has led me to move my "man cave" downstairs in my home to the room over the garage upstairs.  In addition I'll be purging a large chunk of my Transformers toy collection and moving my toy room into my new man cave.  This is a daunting task and one that will take up a lot of my free time.  And my little brother is getting married this weekend and I'm his co-best man.

I hope to at least break the September group break boxes on video later this week.  I had a blast doing the live Ustream video so I wanted to see what people's opinion is one more time on doing a live video.  I'm going to list 3 viewing options along with the option of a pre-recorded video.  Please comment with your preference.  We'll go with whichever option gets the most response.

1) Thursday evening, 9/22 at 9 pm EST
2) Saturday evening, 9/24 at 10 pm EST
3) Sunday evening, 9/25 at 9 pm EST
4) Pre-recorded to be posted sometime this weekend or next week

Once the dust settles I hope to be back with regular posts as I have some new things to share including a large stack of trades.


  1. Whatever works for you and everyone else is ok Colbey. I won't be available at any of those times.

  2. I am fine with a pre-recorded break.

  3. Pre-recorded is fine or the weekend times. I'm a very sporadic video watcher, so don't listen to me.

  4. Whatever gets the videos posted quicker gets my vote. I have 2 young kids, so really, my only option is pre-recorded.

  5. As long as there is viewable video of the break that we can enjoy at any time, I'm cool with whatever.