Saturday, November 5, 2011

Braves shopping Martin Prado?

I was checking Twitter tonight and I just saw this Tweet from Buster Olney:

An AL official on Martin Prado, who has been made available by ATL: "He's like a younger Michael Cuddyer -- and might be a better hitter."
Say it ain't so Frank Wren!


  1. I really hope the Braves keep Prado. He's a hard worker and will do whatever is asked of him by the manager. He had a down season but I remember he was starting to hit pretty good before the staph infection put him on the DL.

  2. I heard Colorado might be players by offering either Dexter Fowler or Charlie Blackmon. I'd be okay with Blackmon, but Fowler is going to break out next year. I hope it is in purple.

  3. I think Frank wants to trade Prado and maybe JJ for an outfielder, then take the $10 million he saves on them and maybe go after Reyes or Rollins. that's my theory, anyway. I'd dance in the streets if we got Fowler.

  4. Royals and Braves have been talking about Prado and Jurrjens all week.