Thursday, January 24, 2013

10 centerrific! Julio Franco Edition

I don't t attend many card shows and the closest card store near me is lack luster at best...however on my recent trip to my LCS to pick up some supplies for my upcoming baseball and football group breaks, I took a few minutes hours to sift through all of his 10 cent monster boxes.  Usually I don't find anything of note, but today was an exception.  Over the next week or so I'll be showing off some of my pick ups - some of them will be made available for trade - in a new series of posts I'll call "10 centerrific!"

For my first entry I'll share a bunch of cards I couldn't believe I didn't have in my Julio Franco PC.  Love finding cards I don't have.  Love it even better when they are cheap!

I had to do a Google search on the blue 1990 Donruss card as I haven't seen those before.  1991 Fleer Ultra...the beginning of "premium" cards in the 90's.  I also love those Score All-Star cards.  The Studio a little creepy.

I love the 1994 Pacific set for many reasons.  Oddly enough the only place I ever found packs of it back in the day was at MGM Studios in Orlando, FL while on vacation!  At the time I had only been collecting cards for a few years and the set was so different than what I was previously used to buying.  I keep saying I'm going to track down a box for a future Affordable Group Break.  Just about anything Pacific produced during it's run as a card manufacturer I was a big fan of.

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  1. I'm a Franco collector too. Do you have a list of what you have? I have several dupes, and looking at the ones above, I may have something you need. Email at QAPLAGCA at yahoo dot com.
    I must have bought all the '94 Pacific packs on the east coast when a friend talked me into buying a massive lot on ebay. I think it was around 150 packs. Still have a lot of them. About 15% were stuck to each other bad enough to leave speckles.