Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Football Group Break 2nd Team Randomization

Sorry for the delay guys...my follow up trip to urgent care this evening took a lot longer than I anticipated.  If you don't want to watch the video, here is the breakdown of the 2nd teams.  Please note that since the break did not completely fill up, I selected the Jets, Giants and Raiders in the last 3 unfilled slots.

You are welcome to trade your team(s).  Please post your comments, deals and trades IN THIS POST.  I'd hate to mail the wrong cards to you!

The new plan is to rip the cards tomorrow night, Wednesday, 01/30/13, sometime around 8 pm.  The YouTube video will be posted shortly there after.  However if you are a subscriber to my YouTube channel then you may be able to see the video and the results before it hits the blog.

One last thing.  I tossed in a rack pack of 2012 Panini Crown Royale (retail) since I promised that the break would go down tonight.  Sorry guys.


Cardboard Collections - Seahawks, Browns, Chiefs, Eagles
Daddyohoho - Bills, Cowboys
NY Hitman - Jaguars
Dimwit - Dolphins
Roy-Z - Patriots
cynicalbuddha - Vikings
Scott Crawford - Falcons
Underdog - Titans
Josh D. - Lions, Saints
Jaybarkerfan - Ravens
Superduperman99 - Buccaneers


  1. Saints are for trade if there is any interest in them. I would like the Patriots or Falcons in return.

    1. I will gladly give the Patriots for the Saints! Was looking to acquire them anyways.

  2. Colbey, don't worry about the delay. Your health/job come before a group break. Stay strong, man.

  3. I traded the Giants to Scott Crawford for the Falcons.

    Josh, if you want the Falcons, I'll take the Saints.

  4. Sweet. Thanks, Colbey. I would like the Falcons for the Saints.

    As a Panther fan, I'm surprised you would be willing to take ANY other team from the NFC South. :-)


  5. I'll trade the Saints to Roy-Z for the Patriots.