Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A few more - 2002 Fleer Authentix Ripped Jersey

While I wait for 2013 Topps Series 2, Gypsy Queen, the Sticker Album and A&G to release, I'm taking the time to work on a few insert sets I've always been fond of.  I know the whole jersey/relic card thing has been beat worse than a back alley hooker, but in 2002 when Fleer introduced their new line of cards called Authentix I was hooked.  The base cards were different looking and the short printed rookies had mini "ticket stubs" embedded in the card as part of the design.  Brilliance I thought.  Then I saw the Ripped Jersey cards and I was in love.  There was just something about the horizontal design combined with the embedded fake ticket stub that I loved.  I also wasn't sick of jersey and bat cards in 2002.  I never gave putting the set together much of a serious thought, but lately it's been on my mind so I've sought out looking to fill the many holes in my set.

I ended up finding a few for a decent price, but why oh why do some sellers want to charge $3+ to ship one single card?!  Some of the lesser name players in the set can easily be found, but shipping usually kills it for me so I pass.  So for now I'll just show the deals that I did find...

Alex Rodriguez

I love the colorful ticket stub on the A-Rod card. I can't remember if this card is a SP or not, but it usually commands much more than I paid.

Bernie Williams

Jeff Bagwell

I believe the Bagwell is a SP as I don't see it listed for sale as often and I got into a mini bidding war for it.  Wonder if I was bidding against the Dimwit?

Mike Piazza

Andruw Jones

Normally if a Brave is in a set I'm building, then I'd want two - 1) for my Braves collection and 2) for the set.  In the case of Andruw, I'll just keep to this one card for the set.

Frank Thomas

It seemed as if most of the jersey pieces in this set were plain boring white, so it's nice to have a black piece to break up the white consistency.

Shawn Green

This is actually quite a big set of cards, so if you have anything from it to trade or can find something for cheap at your LCS, please let me know.  You can find my want list for this set HERE.


  1. I have to ask, cuz I have been watching a few of these from time to time, but can't figure out the difference:

    I seem them listed as "ripped" and "unripped". What's the difference?

    1. If you look on the right of the image you'll see it has a deckle edge...or ripped. The Unripped cards don't have the deckle edge and are numbered out of 50. I only have on Unripped card (J.D. Drew) as they don't seem to appear for sale as often.