Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pack Break - 2013 Topps Heritage

I'm not a huge fan of the Heritage brand.  While I can appreciate the older Topps designs, I'd much rather drop my hard earned money on some of their other products.  However like most of us I love to open packs so I usually end up buying at least one or two packs of just about every Topps product.

This pack came from Walmart.  I grabbed the pack right off the top of what looked to be a newly opened box.  As I walked to the checkout I felt the sides of the pack and I noticed there seemed to be a gap in the stack of cards.  I didn't think of it that much since there are smaller security "cards" inserted into retail packs.

Once I got back to my office I preceded to open the pack and nothing was staring back at me to cause me to smile.

1) No Braves. 2) No SPs. 3) No inserts = not much fun.  However not all was lost as the gap in the stack of cards I felt wasn't one of those security tag cards.

It was a hand numbered mini parallel!  The retail pack odds for these are 1:235.  I defied the retail odds yet again.  Now I had a smile on my face as I'm pretty sure someone (Cards on Cards?) will want this.  Perhaps I can flip it for the Kris Medlen from the same parallel set or something else Braves related.

By the way, all of the cards in this post will be available for trade.  This most likely will also be the last Heritage post you see here.

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