Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blaster Break - 2013 Topps Opening Day

Every year I say that I'm not going to bother with the annual Opening Day product, but I love this year's flagship design so much I couldn't help but to grab a blaster and a rack pack.  It also helps that the price is right at $9.99 for a blaster and $3.49 for a rack pack.

As you can see in the image above, Opening Day once again uses the base design from flagship with some minor changes.  Of course the Opening Day logo is added to the card's front, but the biggest and most welcomed change is the absence of the silver foil lettering!  This one small change makes a huge difference, at least in my opinion.

Every year Opening Day has it's own exclusive parallel set and inserts and in past years they have been really nice.  A few years back we had the Stadium Lights glow in the dark cards.  Last year we had the awesome 3D cards.  Well I'm happy to report that the 3D cards are back and the rest of the inserts blow the doors off last year's Opening Day effort.

The parallels this year are very similar to the Emerald parallels from the flagship set.  No longer just a light blue border parallel, we get sparkly blue parallels!  As good as they look, Topps still had to slap 'April 2013' just over the Opening Day silver foil!  At least the font is really small.  On the back of the cards these are serially numbered to 2013, however Topps messed up again and used that horrid black ink.  Two minor issues, but worth mentioning.

Ballpark Fun showcases fun celebration photos...from champagne spraying to Gatorade showers.  I believe the pie in the face antics are also captured in this set.  I don't mind cards like these, as long as they aren't SPs in the regular set.  Fun set, but not one I'm planning on building.  All 3 of these cards will be available for trade.

Opening Day Highlights is a new set for 2013, however it just doesn't do anything for me.  Nice simple design, but again a set I won't build.  Both cards available.

Opening Day this is what I'm talking about!  The set features the same 3D technology that Topps has been using over the past few years in sets like Opening Day and Archives.  25 cards strong, this is a set that I'll gladly chase.  I'll put it out there right now, if you have any of these cards you don't want, then please let me know!

Play Hard is yet another new set this year and features some awesome photography.  I also love the design of the card and how the color is focus in the center of the card.  With the card in hand you can better see the design that gives an impact feel.  By the way that is silver foil on the card front.  Fun set that I will build for sure.

Superstar Celebration is a carry over from last year and continues the team celebration theme.  Like the design, just not enough to collect the set.  I'll be keeping the Pujols, but the Mauer is available for trade.

I'll probably end up building the base set of Opening Day as well since I know I'll buy a few more packs before I call it quits.  I hope to have a want list and a trade list added by the end of the day.


  1. I think I might put this one together again this year. Especially since I don't plan to tackle Heritage or Gypsy Queen, I'm saving most of my duckets for A&G, but 30 bucks for a hobby box is pretty sweet and maybe an opening day auto.

  2. Opening Day's "Play Hard" and Gypsy Queen's "Plays at the Plate spell a resurgence in Topps inserts.

  3. Replies
    1. No, I have two...I just forgot to scan them!

  4. OMG...PLAY HARD!!!! Gotta get those. Love that blue Kins too.