Friday, January 10, 2014

Tim Hudson - Straight from the Collector's Crack

Even though I've been out of the regular blogging/trading loop, some people haven't forgotten about me.  Just last week I got a plain white envelope in the mail.  I looked at the return address and immediately knew who set it...none other than my good buddy cynical buddha from Collector's Crack.

I never know what he'll be sending me.  Could be Braves, Panthers or something entirely different.  This time around was a nice hand written letter asking how I have been doing along with one lone Tim Hudson 2000 Topps Finest card.

While I have indeed scaled back my activity both on the blog and collecting, I still am focused on Tim Hudson as one of my primary collections.  When I went back to my own database I was surprised to see that I didn't already own this card of Huddy.  The gesture was already nice, not already having the card just made it that much nicer.  Thanks buddha!

1 comment:

  1. Your're very welcome. I've had the Huddy sitting on my drawing table with your name on it for a while. Then it would get buried for awhile and then I'd find it and say I should send that to Colbey, and repeat. But eventually I got around to it. I was hoping you needed it.