Saturday, April 3, 2010

2010 Topps Finest first impressions

Since I don't have a good local card shop (that I know of) I hit up eBay looking for some 2010 Finest Braves Refractor goodness and a few finally hit the mailbox today.


I picked up blue refractors of Chipper Jones (168/299), Brian McCann (013/299) & Yunel Escobar (028/299) as well as a refractor of Tommy Hanson (289/599). I gotta say that I'm not as impressed with the front design as in past years. To me the background is bland and it looks odd that the team logo doesn't even least the Braves logo doesn't. The blue refractors are shiny indeed, but still seem blah to me. The regular refractors (/599) don't have the wow effect either on me. In a way I guess I'm kind of glad as it makes it that more easier for me to save my cash and wait for the next product.

The backs of the card are OK. I'm not a huge stats junkie, but the lack of even 2009's stats bothers me. True you get a snapshot of their career stats so I guess that is better than nothing. The finestrivia is interesting however and for young collectors I can see how this may be a good way for them to learn about the history of the game.


  1. I think it would have been better with the Braves "A" logo, rather than the team name... or even a pic of Chief Wahoo... that would be cool.

  2. I thought the same thing...the A would have been a perfect fit.