Thursday, June 3, 2010

Box Break - 2010 Topps Series 2 (Hobby)

Ah, life. Sometimes it just gets in the way of important things like your hobbies, i.e. baseball cards! I broke a hobby box last week of 2010 Topps Series 2 and I'm just now getting around the posting my hits. The jumbo boxes were a little out of my price range, but I gotta say that I am very pleased with the mix of inserts and the amount of them. I'm still in the process of hand collating the base set so I'll skip over those for now and jump straight to the inserts & hits:

Red Hot Rookies #1 redemption (1:36 packs)

Does anyone know when the list of who the players are is set to be released? I'm hoping the numbering follows Finest and this card will be a Jason Heyward!

Phil Hughes Peak Performance relic (1:49 packs)

Boo, a Yankee! Please, somebody take this card off my hand!

Peak Performance (1:4 packs)

Lance Berkman, Magglio Ordonez, Joe Morgan
Adam Dunn, Dan Uggla, Matt Kemp
Phil Rizzuto, Nick Markakis, Zack Greinke

History of the World Series (1:6 packs)

Whitey Ford, Jim Palmer, Dennis Eckersley
Paul Molitor, Jason Varitek, Alex Gonzalez

"Yo Momma" (1:3 packs)

Al Kaline, Whitey Ford, Roger Maris
Gaylord Perry, Juan Marichal, Dennis Eckersley
Eddie Murray, Robin Yount, Mike Schmidt
John Smoltz, Derek Jeter, Rock Porcello

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"Yo Momma" Original Backs (1:36 packs)

Nolan Ryan

Turkey Red (1:4 packs)

Nate McLouth, Grady Sizemore, Chad Billingsley
Joe Morgan, Eddie Mathews, George Sisler
Ty Cobb, Hunter Pence, Derek Jeter

Million Card Giveaway (1:? packs)

(see previous post for redemption results)

Gold parallel (1:6 packs)

Melky Cabrera, Clint Barmes, Chad Billingsley
Dallas Braden, Bud Norris, Indians Franchise History

Topps Legends Vintage Collection (1:4 packs)

Lou Gehrig, Reggie Jackson, George Sisler
Willie McCovey, Tom Seaver, Babe Ruth
Thurman Munson, Mike Schmidt, Honus Wagner

Legendary Lineage (1:4 packs)

Kaline/Cabrera, Rizzuto/Jeter, Aparicio/Ramirez
Musial/Holliday, Speaker/Ellsbury, Ryan/Verlander
Berra/Posada, Sandberg/Utley (x2)

Topps 2020 (1:6 packs)

Ryan Braun, David Price, Ryan Howard
Buster Posey, Evan Longoria, David Wright

Base SP (1:? packs)

Nolan Ryan #615

I can't wait to collate the base cards and see how much of the set I got since I'm trying to build this set. If I had the extra cash I'd buy another hobby box in an instant. What will happen most likely is I'll wait and buy retail packs and blasters over the next few months. I am disappointed that I didn't get Jason Heyward's base card, but I'm sure I'll find one eventually.

I'll be updating my want list very soon as I want to build the majority of these insert sets as well, so if you aren't building the inserts and have some to spare then check the list and perhaps we can work a trade.


  1. I will tentatively trade you for that Hughes! I say 'tentatively' because I'm still in the middle of busting my jumbo box (two packs a day!), and I'll finish Saturday. If I pull a relic you'd like more than the Hughes I'll happily trade!

  2. OR... I have a Brian McCann GU card from Series 1. Let me know! Email me (jswaykos AT gmail DOT com)

  3. I was going to offer a trade for the Hughes but I guess I missed. Looks like a good box. I did a Jumbo box the other day and posted it if your interested in seeing it.