Sunday, June 27, 2010

2010 Topps WWE Rumble Pack First Impressions

I ran across this pack of cards @ my local Target the other day while running errands for work (yes, even when on the clock I find time to make a quick stop @ the card aisle!). The packs were in a gravity feeder mixed right in with the newly placed 2010 Topps Series 2 feeder. I had no clue what these were or that they were coming out, but since I had just went to a Monday Night RAW show in Charlotte the week before I grabbed a pack just for kicks.

Before I got to the actual cards let's take a look at the wrapper and the seeded inserts and their odds.

The packs are very thin. Seeing how there are only 6 cards per pack that makes sense. Let's see, it says to look for Hidden Image cards, Pop-Ups, Thumb-Wrestling Tattoos, Fightin' Finger Puppets and Glow-in-the-Dark cards. OK, this reminds me of another set back in the day. Ah yes, Upper Deck's Fun Packs!

Flip the pack over and it says you'll get 4 cards + 2 sticker cards in every pack. This is definitely sounding like Upper Deck's Fun Packs now.

Insert Odds:

- Finger Puppets 1:4
- Pop-Ups: 1:4
- Hidden Image Cards 1:6
- Temporary Tattoos 1:6
- Glow-in-the-Dark cards 1:6

OK, lets rip the pack open and see what we get!


#41 Ted DiBiase (son of the WWE Hall of Famer the "Million Dollar Man")
#3 Carlito
#50 Checklist

After looking over the checklist it's rather dull. You would think if the base set is only 50 cards then shouldn't there be a variety of included wrestlers? Instead you get 30 different personalities with several of them having 2 cards numbered consecutively. At least card #37 is of Santino Marella! Moving on...


Next card is an insert! We got a Pop-Up of John Cena. God, I can just hear all the girls behind me screaming "We love you John Cena" from the RAW show. Flip the card over and it appears there are 9 cards in this insert set. Nothing fancy here - just your typical pop-up.


Next card is one of the mentioned stickers. #7 of 30 is of the Undertaker. Going with a cartoony direction here it appears. I'm sure kids will love these.


Flip the card over and a la Garbage Pail Kids we have a yellow bordered puzzle to put together. The bald guy looks like Kane while the other appears to be CM Punk.


Next card is the other sticker. This time its of Randy Orton #27 of 30.


Flip this over and instead of a puzzle piece we get a bio on the wrestler. Blah blah blah.

In conclusion this has the potential to be a fun little set. At $1.99 a pop it may be somewhat expensive to build, but I can see Topps cashing in with the popularity of the WWE brand and with a set that is aimed at the younger fans. I see myself picking up a few more packs in the near future and I just may try to build it - just don't ask me why!

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